1 Popular Conspiracy Has Some Convinced Lorde Is Actually 40 Years Old

A bizarre conspiracy theory has been going around for years that the 24-year-old Lorde, whose real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, is indeed a woman in either her late 30s or early 40s. The ‘evidence’ tied to this is a supposed copy of the celebrity’s birth certificate, which could be easily fabricated.

Why do people believe in this conspiracy theory?

According to The Hairpin, a few years back, the mystery of the New Zealand singer’s age was settled by Jezebel’s Emma Carmichael when she offered New Zealand $17.02 to get a copy of Lorde’s birth certificate. While Emma did not get the singer’s birth certificate, she got many typed letters onto a page, claiming she was born in 1996.

Some say Lorde is too mature

An article on Deadspin says that there is no way that Lorde can be in her 20s. First, the singer looks too mature for her age. Many estimate Lorde to be somewhere between 30 and 49 based on facial readings. This gives an average age of about 40. Therefore, as per this estimation, Lorde is at least 40 years old. 

Since she came into the limelight, Lorde has always been regarded as too old for her age. Her looks aside, the New Zealand star sings a great deal of mature content.  The most surprising thing about this conspiracy theory is that even her fans think that she is older. Some online trolls have said that Lorde looks like a 40-something mother of four. 

Many consider the New Zealand singer-songwriter to be wise beyond her years, as she addresses important issues such as climate change. No one would expect a young singer in her early 20s to address such deep issues. If nothing else, the kind of content she puts across makes this conspiracy theory all the more believable. 

Lorde is beautiful and different. Even as a teen, she did not sing about parties and boyfriends as her peers did. Lorde’s “Royals” is the singer’s greatest hit of all time. Despite it being catchy and beautiful, it emphasizes something rare in mainstream music.  In the song, Lorde talks about the lack of wealth and the complete lack of desire to acquire wealth. 

It is a common belief that the songs that sell best are about partying and living the wildlife. However, Lorde has been parading quite the opposite. Lorde is the opposite of the models who top the pop charts with her wild hair and dramatic facial features. She can be described as the weird girl back in high school who was not supposed to acquire fame. Her being different makes her appear older.

Lorde is indeed in her 20s

While a lot of controversial evidence may suggest that the Grammy-winning New Zealand singer-songwriter may be older than she says she is, it became official that the singer is actually truthful about her age. It turns out that the birth certificate obtained by Harpin’s Emma Carmichael was real. Lorde was born on 7th November 1996. 

The ongoing doubts about the singer’s youth are something that Lorde herself has joked about from time to time. When Vanity Fair‘s Jullie Miller raised the age question, Lorde replied jokingly, “Hi, I’m Ella, and I’m actually 45. “

In the meantime, let us not forget that at one time, Beyoncé was also engulfed in similar age-related scandals, according to the website Independent. Lorde is in her 20s, as there is no credible evidence to disregard the fact. The world needs Lorde, as does the music industry. Fans want her to maintain her awkwardness and weirdness and keep basking in her authenticity.

Lorde recently released her third studio album called Solar Power. This new album is not what fans are used to. It signifies a happy Lorde. Lorde’s new sound calls for you to go to the beach, take a walk in the forest and forget all your troubles. Fans are loving this change and can’t get enough of the goth-turned-goddess musical legend.

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