A Lip Reader Figured Out What William Said to Kate at the Sussexes' Final Royal Engagement

Royal historian Robert Lacey’s extremely extra book BATTLE OF BROTHERS is truly the gift that keeps on giving for people thirsty for tea—and the latest revelation to emerge offers some interesting insight into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s final royal engagement. And by that I mean a lip reader revealed what Prince William allegedly said to Kate Middleton at the event.

Before you grab popcorn, the comment is *not* to do with the Sussexes—despite reports of extreme tension between the “fab four” during the day in question. Instead, Robert Lacey revealed that William’s “longest coherent sentence that TV-watching lipreaders could work out” had zero to do with his brother and everything to do with hand shaking concerns.

According to reporting from Lacey’s book (via The Sun), William whispered to Kate: “This whole handshaking thing is weird. We’re going to have to put a load of hand gel on after this.”

I mean. Considering we were on the brink of a pandemic when this event took place, William’s concerns over handshaking make sense! Either way, anyone who previously thought he was whispering about his brother can officially chill.

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