Adam Levine Savagely Dragged on Twitter Amid Cheating Allegations: Go Straight to Hell

The ‘Payphone’ singer catches heat after an Instagram model claims that she had an affair with him and that he allegedly asks her if it’s okay if he names his unborn child after her.

AceShowbizAdam Levine is perhaps one of the most hated men in showbiz now. The singer has caught a lot of flak after a woman accused him of cheating on his wife Behati Prinsloo, who is currently pregnant with their third child together.

After news of his alleged affair broke, people were enraged, with many chastising the Maroon 5 frontman. One person who was dumbfounded by the allegations wrote on Twitter, “not only did adam levine have an affair but he tried to name the baby he’s having with his WIFE after the MISTRESS??? hell is too kind for this man.”

Another angered user penned, “adam levine is a cheater and he wanted to name his son after his mistress???!!! STRAIGHT TO HELL.” A third person reacted to the news, “the fact that adam levine cheated on his wife who’s a f**king victoria’s secret model with some random instagram girl is INSANE.”

“naming a child after a mistress is INSANE…. adam levine you will be dealt with,” another commented, while one other critic claimed, “Adam Levine cheating on his Victoria’s Secret model wife… Jay-Z on [Beyonce Knowles]… Gerard Pique on Shakira… You can be the most beautiful most talented most successful woman in the world and it won’t matter bc men who are gonna cheat are gonna cheat.”

Some others believe that the woman Adam was allegedly having an affair with is equally guilty. “Adam Levine is dead wrong for what he did, but this girl needs to take accountability,” one person pointed out. “One google search would’ve shown he was married, so I don’t understand how he manipulated you into an affair for a year? Only victim is the wife and children. Like bffr.”

Another similarly argued, “Sumner Stroh is a horrible person, calling herself exploited seems like a reach to me. Everyone knows Adam Levine is MARRIED. A simple search and look at his Instagram, which she messaged him on, would’ve shown that! Smh.” Someone else blasted the two as saying, “adam def going straight to hell, but so is she for tryna act like a manipulated victim.”

A woman named Sumner Stroh exposed Adam for allegedly having an affair with her while he’s already married to Behati. In a TikTok video, she also claimed that he wants to name his unborn baby after him.

Appearing to play a victim, the Instagram model said, “I was having an affair with a man who’s married to Victoria’s Secret model. At the time I was young, I was naive. And I mean, quite frankly, I feel exploited. I wasn’t in the scene like I am now. So I was definitely very easily manipulated.”

Sumner showed an alleged DM that she received from Adam which read, “Ok serious question. I’m having another baby and if it’s w boy I really wanna name it Sumner (sic). You ok with that? DEAD serious,” followed by a shrugging emoji.

She said she “never wanted to come forward,” knowing “the implications that come with doing what I do, making money the way I do, and being an Instagram model,” and the “stereotypes” associated with being an influencer. As to why she came forward with it now, she said she “sent some screenshots recklessly to a few friends I thought I trusted, and one of them had attempted to sell to a tabloid-so here I am.”

Adam has not responded to the cheating allegations.

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