Adrian Dunbar's car was BLOWN UP on a family holiday in Jerusalem

Line Of Duty star Adrian Dunbar reveals he cheated death when his car was BLOWN UP on a family holiday in Jerusalem

  • The 62-year-old actor did not give an exact date, but said the incident happened during Israel’s intifada uprising, which took place between 1987 and 1991
  • Adrian, who has daughter Madeleine, now 35, and stepson Ted, 39, with Anna, said growing up during The Troubles put him on alert for such instances

Adrian Dunbar has revealed he cheated death when his car got blown up on holiday to Jerusalem with his wife and children.

The Line of Duty star – who plays Ted Hastings in the hit BBC show – said he had just left the vehicle with his wife Anna Nygh and their children and headed into the city to explore when their car was targeted. 

Although he did not give an exact date, the incident happened during Israel’s  intifada uprising, which took place between 1987 and 1991.  

Shocking: Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar has revealed he had a narrow escape when his car got blown up on holiday with his wife and children in Jerusalem

The 62-year-old actor – who has daughter Madeleine, now 35, and stepson Ted, 39, with Anna – said he did not wish to alarm his family, but knew immediately it was their vehicle that had been the target.   

Speaking on Elizabeth Day’s How To Fail podcast, the actor explained that growing up in Northern Island during the Troubles gave him a ‘wariness’ of such incidents. 

He recalled: ‘I was in Jerusalem with the family. We parked at the Nablus Gate and we went into the old city and we were talking. I heard a bomb go off and I looked up into the sky and I just knew it was our car.’ 

Shocking: The Line of Duty star said he left the vehicle with his wife Anna Nygh (pictured in 2017) and their children and headed into the city to explore when their car was targeted

Adrian added: ‘I said to Anna who was with the kids “wait here I’m just going to go and look at something” and she said “why? What was that?” and I said “don’t worry about it”.

‘I knew just from where the direction was and the fact that we were driving a budget American car and the intifada was still on that they had identified that the car was an American car.

‘When I went down, the car was a mangled heap. Thankfully, we didn’t have anything serious in it at the time like our passports or anything – that was to happen later.

‘But I just dealt with it like “oh, God somebody’s blown up our car”.’

Adrian – the eldest of seven children – was born in a working-class area of Enniskillen, but his family moved to Portadown a decade later because ‘there was no work’, they later moved back after the Troubles exploded.  

The experiences stayed with him after he moved to London two decades ago, explaining: ‘When I first arrived, I did notice things that other people would not be aware of.

‘If someone came in and threw their bag down in the corner and went to the toilet, things like that you would think “oh right, he just threw down his bag, I will have to wait until he comes back”.

Family man: Adrian (pictured with wife Anna in 1993) said that his experiences growing up in the Troubles made him aware of dangers around the world 

‘I would be aware and would be waiting for him to come back out of the toilet and sit back down beside his bag rather than just walk back out the door.

‘Sometimes you would be wary of silly things like seeing a car parked on its own, looking abandoned outside a public building.

‘You’d just think “what is that car doing there? Its 2 o’clock in the morning its on a double yellow line”.

‘You wouldn’t be thinking about it but fleetingly these things would register with you.’ 

Adrian move to London to pursue a career in acting, and is currently sending fans wild with his latest role in Line Of Duty. 

The head of AC-12 is known for his sensational one-liners, and he provided another belter as he hit back at DCC Andrea Wise (Elizabeth Rider) during Sunday’s episode.

When told his search for H shouldn’t be about ‘old battles’, the Superintendent defiantly told his boss: ‘The name’s Hastings, ma’am. I’m the epitome of an old battle.’

Delighted fans of the show were quick to applaud Ted’s fabulous comeback, with one declaring it the ‘line of the season’ while another told him to ‘take a bow’. 

The current season of the BBC police drama is following the AC-12 team in their investigation of DCI Joanne Davidson (Kelly Macdonald) as she leads the team looking into the murder of journalist Gail Vella (Andi Osho) 


Season six of Line Of Duty has left fans with more questions than answers, with viewers flocking to Twitter to question what exactly is DCI Jo Davidson is up to, whether Kate Fleming has really left AC-12 and who is H?

Here, MailOnline examines some of the most prominent fan theories  

Kate Fleming HASN’T left AC-12 and is working undercover   

One of the most shocking discoveries was AC-12’s Kate is now working with a new team- with some fans suggesting she could even be the infamous H.

While chatting to her new gaffer DCI Davidson, Kate said: ‘I got fed upon nicking coppers, I’d rather go after the psycho who murdered Gail [Vella].’

But despite seeming confident in her new role, some viewers were left wondering if all was at it seems and theorised that Kate could still be undercover for AC-12.

Even after she tipped off Davidson and incurred the wrath of Ted Hastings, fans have continued to speculate that she is so deep undercover that even Hastings is having to keep her true agenda secret.  

Kate Fleming HASN’T left AC-12 and is working undercover: Is it true? The jury is still out on this one 

DCI Jo Davidson is being blackmailed by an Organised Crime Group  

Jo has already survived a grilling from AC-12’s top team and appeared to clear her name when it was ex-girlfriend PS Farida Jatri who seemed to have taken part in corruption.

However, Jo was seen hitching a ride with known bent copper Ryan Pilkington and taken to collect a burner phone, making her look suspicious once more.

Fans, however, are convinced the DCI is being blackmailed by an OCG, following her emotional outburst when she was summoned to pick up a new burner.

DCI Jo Davidson is being blackmailed by an Organised Crime Group: Is it true? After her car park outburst it seems increasingly likely

DCI Jo Davidson’s mother is Anne-Marie McGillis

Fans speculated over who Jo’s mother could be after she was seen in a photograph in the first episode.

Many theorised her mother has something to do with season five character John Corbett’s [Stephen Graham] mother Anne-Marie McGillis, who was killed by an Irish Republican paramilitary group sometime after 1989.

DCI Jo Davidson’s mother is Anne-Marie McGillis: Is it true? There simply isn’t enough evidence yet to determine on way or the other  

Gail Vella is still alive

Although season six has centered around the murder of journalist Gail Vella, one obscure theory is that she is in fact still alive.  

Craig Parkinson, who played Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan in the show, said on BBC Sounds podcast Obsessed with Line of Duty: ‘Somebody is in that flat and there’s some connection with Gail Vella, the investigative journalist.

‘You don’t cast someone like Andi Osho and then just have her as little magazine prints and stick them up on a kitchen wall.’

Sarah Millican – who also appeared on the podcast – went on to suggest Vella may have been a former lover of DCI Davidson’s.

Gail Vella is still alive: Is it true? It seems unlikely that the scale of police corruption is so huge that they could fake a murder victim

DC Chloe Bishop is Tony Gates’ daughter

Bishop is one of AC-12’s newest recruits, and as Gates and his wife Jools had two daughters, Natalie and Chloe, viewers have suggested their shared first name ‘can’t be a coincidence’.

Gates’ daughter was last seen in season one in 2012, which means she’d be roughly the same age as Bishop is now.

Fans have suggested that Bishop either took her mother’s maiden name or the name of a step-father, so that her true identity remains a secret – for now.

Gates died at the end of the first season when he walked into a busy road after getting a confession from gang leader Tommy Hunter, who had been blackmailing the police officer into covering up their criminal activity.

DC Chloe Bishop is Tony Gates’ daughter: Is it true? The dates and facts line up, but there still isn’t enough to write it off as a coincidence just yet 

Bent copper Ryan Pilkington is actually a honest policeman 

Ryan first appeared in the show’s first season as a teenage foul-mouthed messenger for the criminal gang working with bent copper DCI Gates. 

His escapades on the show have taken an even darker turn in past seasons, as he attempted to cut DS Arnott’s fingers off with bolt cutters, and also killed undercover cop DS Corbett.

However, the show creator’s Jed Mercurio teased the possibility that Ryan has ‘turned a new leaf’ and isn’t a spy in the Central Police, despite what fans may think of his criminal past. 

Jed claimed: ‘Now that Ryan’s a police officer, viewers will have to wait and see if he has turned over a new leaf or if he remains a dangerous inside man for organised crime.’ 

 Bent copper Ryan Pilkington is actually a honest policeman: Is it true? Considering the only person who seems to be spreading this is the creator, it would be a great twist


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