Alan Sugar quips how Apprentice candidates will ‘arrange’ his funeral in final ever task

The Apprentice: Lord Sugar picks Mark Wright as his winner in 2014

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Lord Sugar, 74 , has addressed rumours he is set to leave The Apprentice in two years. The business magnate quipped that he will make the show’s final task to organise his funeral as he reassured fans he is set to stay in the show for longer.

He said: “I’m not planning to quit the show in two years,’ he said.

“I’ve publicly stated that I want to make it 20 years, this is the 16th so I’ve got four more to do to achieve that goal.”

The BBC One star continued: “I’ve already worked out the final task for one of the series – to arrange my funeral.

“To see how well they arrange it and what kind of coffin they would get for me.

“I’m not going nowhere and the programme is going nowhere.

“Please enjoy this current series, I can assure you there will be a lot more as long as I’ve got the health and strength in my body, I will carry on.”

Ahead of the current series’ debut last week, Lord Sugar revealed whether the new generation of contestants are prepared for their tasks.

He also hit out at critics who take to social media to criticise the participants despite the “extreme pressure” they are put under.

Speaking of the candidates’ ability to get through the tasks, Lord Sugar told press including “They fall for the same things, the same traps and all that stuff.

“But […] they learn very, very quickly, and that’s a good sign for me, because I’ve got no problem with people that are a little bit naive or inexperienced whatsoever. No problem with young people like that.”

He went on: “What I do have a problem with is people who don’t learn, don’t pick up, who don’t grasp things.

“And what rings my bells is when you can see these candidates – and we start off with 16 candidates – quite a few of them get it and a lot of people, a lot of commentators who watch the programme – particularly those 35 to 40 year olds – are very quick to criticise.

“‘What a bunch of idiots they are’, ‘what a bunch of idiots – that is wrong’, ‘they’ve done that wrong’.”

Lord Sugar continued: “I wish one day, we could get a group of those people and stick them in the boardroom to see how they would do.

“Because these people are under extreme pressure.

“And that’s what Karren [Brady] quite rightly said, ‘They all want to win,’ so the competition in this is amazing.”

Lord Sugar also highlighted that the selection process allows for the “right calibre” of people to be recruited on the show.

He said: “I’ll say this in the nicest possible way: I have them under control. Most of the time they don’t seem to go off the rails.

“The production people are really very careful in ensuring that the right calibre of candidate joins us, and they know exactly how far they can go.”

The Apprentice returns tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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