Amanda Holden details nasty fall while running naked to hot tub in her garden

Amanda Holden has opened up about when she suffered a terrifying fall as she ran to her hot tub naked in her garden.

The Britain's Got Talent judge revealed that the accident left her with multiple nasty bruises, just after returning from her Christmas in the sun.

The 50 year old discussed the situation while on her radio show, Heart Breakfast about how she managed to get the injury while just at home.

She explained how she has a hot tub in her garden and usually her husband goes downstairs in his dressing gown but Amanda doesn't tend to bother.

Amanda said: "I always think, 'Oh, I'm not going to bother with that, I'll just run down there naked and I'll run back in' because mine is not a towel dressing gown.

"You know I like being naked, but I don't have a towelling dressing gown. I've got a fluffy one, so when you get out of a hot tub, it's squidgy inside."

But on this particular occasion she started running outside in the dark so wasn't able to see the ice on the ground.

The fall ended up in Amanda sustaining 'lovely' bruises on her body, according to the celeb.

She joked: "It was right on the fleshy part of my bum, that's why god invented bums isn't it, because they are like the cushions you can fall over, when you're 50 and fall."

However, Amanda went on to say she's starting to feel older after being left with 'so much pain down one leg'.

Also during one of her breakfast shows this week, Amanda talked about her BGT colleague's upcoming wedding.

Simon Cowell recently popped the question to his long term girlfriend and mother to his son, Lauren Silverman.

Amanda speculated that they could be due to tie the knot in Barbados, which is also where the proposal reportedly took place.

She joked that she wanted to know the details of when the wedding will take place so she could plan ahead.

Amanda said: "I'm messaging them as we speak going, 'Do I need to book flights to Barbados, I want to get in there before prices go up'.

"I've got to book time off work – I've got to get a hat! I'm thinking, who's going to look after the kids? Are the kids invited? Now come on!"

The happy news comes as a surprise as Simon has previously said he wouldn't get married.

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