Amber Portwood May Be Back on Drugs, Teen Mom Viewers Fear


The folllowing article is filled with speculation.

It may be dangerous speculation and it may be irresponsible speculation, according to some, but we’re a celebrity gossip website and we often write about Teen Mom and this is relevant content in that regard.

You may react to it however you see fit.

With this preamble out of the way, the issue at hand is the behavior exhibited so far by Amber Portwood on the latest season of Teen Mom OG.

Simply put, it’s been strange — even by the previously low standards set by this veteran cast member.

For example… remember the unusual outfit Amber wore on a recent Teen Mom OG episode to her brother’s birthday?

The one deemed to look like a “slutty paratrooper” by some viewers?

It was a cause for consternation on air, with Portwood trying to explain to her ex, Gary Shirley, and his new wiife, Kristina, that her brother was in the Army as a paratrooper… and the costume said “Airborne” on the shoulder.

So, there you go!

The costume was the best way to honor her sibling, of course!

“I figured I’d do something different this year for his birthday instead of buying him something extravagant,” explained Amber at the time.

“He really seemed to think it was really cool.”

Did he, though?

Amber’s brother seemed very confused by the get-up on a subsequent FaceTime call.

Elsewhere, Portwood sat down with Gary and Shirley in another scene of the MTV program in order to discuss the possibility of her actually moving on to their property to be closer to her daughter.

It was a serious and important topic.

But Amber laughed uproariously and randomly at one point, while slurring her words and rambling at other points.

She was also spotted several times with her eyes closed during segments of the chat, looking quite absent from reality.

In a vacuum, these would be poor examples of someone allegedly doing drugs.

However, Portwood has admitted that she used to get high and pop pills Reddit users have been speculating of late whether or not she’s back on some dope.

“I [sic] new it,” one commenter posted matter-of-factly, adding:

“I was a pill addict for years and years. Im in recovery now but I know the signs. Amber has relapsed I believe. I hope not but if she is, I hope she gets help.

“Doing what she is doing to Gary and his wife on social media is what the old druggy Amber use to do.

“U go thru fits of rage. Just another sign. I hope some body close to her notices.”

This is a reference not to anything we’ve seen on screen from Amber, but rather from a social media rant she went on late last month, blasting Gary and Kristina as liars for what they said about her on an episode.

She appears to have severed her ties to the father of her oldest child, despite all the breaks Gary has given her over the years.

It’s concerning.

This isn’t the first time Amber has been accused of throwing a tantrum due to her drug use.

To be frank, it probably won’t be the last, either.

And while we hate to hurl unfair accusations at anyone when it comes to something so personal and so potentially severe, we’d also be remiss if we just let Amber’s actions go by unchecked.

She may need professional help.

If so, we hope she finds it soon.

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