Amy Duggar DEVASTATED by Josh Duggar Arrest: I Wish I Could Hug Anna!

Last week, disgraced former reality star Josh Duggar was handcuffed and taken to jail.

While he awaits his hearing, the world was horrified — but not surprised — by the charges.

Amy Duggar, who has the unenviable title of being his cousin, is responding.

With both public shade and an official statement, she’s making her feelings clear.

On Thursday, Josh was arrested. On Friday, his charges were announced.

The 33-year-old father of six is charged with receiving and possessing child pornography.

Specifically, the horrific material is said to depict the abuse of a child under the age of 12.

The Duggars put out an official statement on Friday.

This was echoed by similar — mostly vague and unhelpful — statements from the adult Duggar children.

Amy King is in a unique position as a Duggar cousin, and her first public statement … didn’t say much.

She shared a gif of a droplet of liquid followed by a ripple effect.

Perhaps she was referring to “ripple effects,” how small actions can cascade into large ones.

Or, perhaps, Amy was referring to the charges being a “drop in a bucket.” It’s hard to say.

That is the nature of subtweets and of vagueposts in general.

Amy knew that all eyes were on her, but was not at the time prepared to say what’s in her heart.

Doing so could cause family problems. It never hurts to play things close to the chest.

Amy did speak to The Sun a couple of days later, however.

There, the Duggar cousin confirmed that she is “devasted” by the arrest.

“At the moment I have no comment to make,” Amy said … before commenting further.

“I’m kind of speechless,” Amy continued.

She added: “We just hope it’s not true.”

Well … that’s terribly optimistic, to say the least.

“I spoke with several of my cousins after we heard about the arrest,” Amy revealed.

“We’re in shock,” she expressed.

“But we don’t want to think the worst of someone,” Amy said, “you want to think the best.”

“If it is true,” Amy noted, “it would absolutely devastate a lot of people.”

“Everybody that knows Josh would be devastated,” she remarked.

Amy then added: “Just thinking about it makes me want to have a glass of wine right now.” 

Amy expressed that her “hugs” go out to Anna.

Being Josh’s pregnant wife was hard enough before his arrest.

Those same spiritual hugs extend to the six children.

“It breaks my heart,” Amy confessed.

“Family is family,” she emphasized.

“And,” the Duggar cousin concluded, “I wish the best for everyone.”

Amy can speak more freely than many of her cousins, but there are still limits.

Saying the wrong thing could get her disinvited from family gatherings where Jim Bob holds sway.

It seems likely that, in the coming months and years, her self-control may be put to the test.

One of the many facets of the Duggar environment that allow a monster like Josh to flourish is how his crimes are viewed.

Just as almost all sex and sexual desire is portrayed as “wrong” in their toxic purity culture, forgiveness is actively fetishized.

The grim, twisted result is that actual sex crimes are viewed as spiritual struggles, and even a predator’s victims are expected to forgive.

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