Andrei Castravet: 90 Day Fiance Villain FINALLY Confronted Over “Crazy” Behavior

The latest 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? teaser promises potential legal troubles for a couple of the season’s most notorious spouses.

But for Andrei, his troubles are more personal. Even is professional “problems” are a result of his abrasive personality.

After the way that he spoke to Elizabeth’s sister, Andrei has found himself being confronted by his brother-in-law. See that awkwardness below:

“You wanted to meet up, you said?” Andrei says to Thomas, Rebecca’s husband.

“Yeah, man,” Thomas replies. “The baby shower the other day. It was a little bit crazy I hear.”

He heard correctly — Andrei thew a fit because his wife’s sister was invited.

Andrei then explains the situation, in the confessional, to the camera, showing that he at least understands the issue.

“Thomas, Rebecca’s husband, asked me to meet up with him,” Andrei says. “Because I had a rough confrontation with Rebecca at the baby shower.”

“Rebecca told me that you weren’t too nice,” Thomas says. “I wasn’t happy to hear that.”

Thomas then asks: “What happened?”

“It’s stupid now,” Andrei admits.

He recalls: “I asked Rebecca: ‘Don’t invite Jenn to the party. Give me the list.'”

Andrei then accuses: “She invites her to the party.”

Thomas tries to explain to Andrei that his request was absolutely bonkers.

“She’s your wife’s sister,” Thomas explains. “They grew up together. They are best friends.”

“Don’t you think at some point, Libby and you would regret if Jenn wasn’t there?” Thomas asks.

“I mean,” Thomas continues. “Obviously, Jenn wanted to be there. She came.”

“But,” Andrei counters. “She choose to be intrusive in my life.”

“That pisses me off,” Andrei explains, as if that somehow justifies him trying to isolate his wife from her loved ones.

“And that’s why I had a bit of a drink,” he continues. “And bam! I … I went [off] on your wife.”

Thomas keeps such a cool head.

“It was just not the right time or place to do that,” he tells Andrei.

“She’s the one throwing the party,” Thomas reasons. “She’s … making it special for you guys.”

Wonder of wonders, Thomas manages to extract an apology from Andrei.

“I didn’t mean to talk to her like that,” Andrei says with what sounds like a genuinely apologetic tone.

“Not that I want — I’m ashamed a little bit of this, you know?” he continues. “But I’m really sorry about that.”

“Okay,” Thomas says. “But in the future, I would appreciate you reaching out to me, so that I don’t have to reach out and have to have this conversation.”

This is the most polite that we have ever, ever seen Andrei. Is he … afraid of Thomas?

“I do have an aggressive side to me,” Andrei admits to the confessional camera.

“And I would never feel embarrassed to say what I think to somebody’s face,” he adds. 

Andrei continues: “I still think that Rebecca is the fault of this.”

Yes, how cruel of Becky to invite … her sister … to her other sister’s baby shower.

“But,” Andrei reflects. “Thomas was clear that he didn’t like how I spoke with Rebecca, his wife, at the party.”

He admits: “I do feel sorry about that.”

In other words, Andrei feels bad about disappointing Thomas or crossing his boundaries. He doesn’t feel bad for Rebecca’s sake.

“And I hope,” Andrei expresses. “That Elizabeth’s sister will understand.”

Andrei then notes that Thomas is also European — he is from Denmark.

He expresses confusion over why Thomas gets more respect and affection from the Potthast family.

Thomas tries to talk Andrei through the process of feeling independent, but his advice could just be boiled down to: GET A JOB.

If Andrei stops picking fights with people and actually works to support his child, they’d stop looking at him like a menacing parasite.

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