Angela Levin: Duchess Kate wasn’t cowed by being criticized for her laziness

I have a question and it’s something that seems like a consistent issue: certain British royal reporters are taking back-handed swipes at the Duchess of Cambridge, correct? Meaning, they create these sugary, sycophantic narratives around Kate but then they add in these asides like “and of course she’s not really lazy” and “she’s completely perfect except for how terribly middle class she is.” It felt like that infamous Keen Guevara piece was full of swipes too, but I’m not even entirely sure they’re doing it on purpose. Anyway, Angela Levin (royal biographer) has written a cloying piece about Kate in the Telegraph. It’s supposed to be a saccharine puff piece about how Kate’s positivity means that she’s perfectly suited for… something. Queendom, I guess. But Levin threw in all of these weird little pseudo-swipes.

Kate is super-positive: She has often been described as selfless and resilient, but on Saturday it became clear that it is her positivity – a characteristic she has had all her life – that outranks all these other qualities and stands her in such good stead. Not only can Prince William count on her, but his rather confused brother and the wider Royal family can also be grateful they have such a positive influence in their midst.

Her beauty is not skin deep?? She accepted and understood what the country and the monarchy expected of her with elegance and dignity. Her beauty is not skin deep. Instead of complaining about her position, she has learnt to appreciate what it can offer to others.

She didn’t seek revenge?? Stepping forward to talk to Prince Harry and you could tell by her soft movements that rather than get revenge for the criticism his wife Meghan Markle had aimed at her during Oprah Winfrey’s bombshell conversation, she was trying to break the ice. As William joined them and Catherine quietly stepped down off the pavement to give the brothers space to chat, she then quite naturally stepped back to talk to Sophie, Duchess of Wessex, occasionally taking a glance at the two men.

Carole strikes again: Significantly, Catherine comes from a solid middle-class family. Her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, have been strong role models and given her traditional values. She is also close to her sister Pippa and brother James and has thrived on the warmth generated by a close family.

The pain of Waity Katie: And even then when Kate was mocked, ridiculed and called “Waity Katie”, she kept her feelings to herself, doing her best to look for the good in things.

The dullness of Lazy Katie: After their marriage some people called her “lazy” for giving up work. But, instead of being cowed by such criticism, again she quietly turned a negative into a positive using the time she did have to thoroughly research what patronages she wanted to take on, getting a real understanding about how they worked to ensure she could be of use. Again this positive approach to the task in hand worked. Now, far from being seen as work-shy, she is recognised as one of the best-informed and motivated Royals.

She doesn’t tell moms what to do? She believes that detecting problems when children are small can make a huge difference to their lives as adults. Much of her work has been around supporting and reaching out to young mothers, not to tell them what to do, but to share their feelings so they feel less alone. During the pandemic she and William have regularly Zoomed with frontline workers, teachers and parents, appreciating their hard work to help them feel more positive about their lives.

[From The Telegraph]

I keep thinking about how weird it would be if the Duchess of Cornwall was this endlessly needy and desperate for sugar-coated embiggening. This whole energy around Kate really does make me appreciate Camilla so much more – which is probably why Charles hasn’t shut down William and Kate’s competing and diverging press machines. Will and Kate are making asses out of themselves and Charles is just like “well, let them.” Also: Levin managed to throw “Waity Katie” AND “lazy” into a puff piece. Was that the point?

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