Apology written by the Beatles for shunned schoolgirl sells for £11k

Here Comes the Sum (of money): Apology note written by the Beatles for a schoolgirl they shunned 60 years ago sells for £11,520

  • All members signed a Parlophone publicity card to Diana after the cancelled visit

A sweet apology note which the Beatles wrote to a schoolgirl they shunned has been sold by her 60 years on for £11,520.

The Fab Four were performing in Southsea, Portsmouth, Hants, and had planned to get a ticket to Ryde to visit the vendor, named Diana, who lived in the Isle of Wight town.

She was a huge fan of the band and her aunt worked for Paul McCartney’s cousin Bette Robbins, who owned the Bow Bars in Ryde.

However, their plans changed at the last minute and they returned to London to do TV and radio appearances straight after the April 1963 gig in Southsea.

The band had been propelled to superstardom weeks earlier with the release of their chart-topping first album, Please Please Me.

The sweet apology note has been sold 60 years on for £11,520

All four members signed the card which apologised to Diana, with ‘lots of love’ 

The Beatles pop group, left to right, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, pictured in  1963

To apologise, all four members signed a Parlophone publicity card and Paul wrote: ‘To Diana, lots of love, from The Beatles Sorry we couldn’t be there to see you!’

Diana kept hold of the autographs, on a 5.75ins by 3.5ins card, for six decades but has now sold them at London-based auctioneers Bonhams.

A Bonhams spokesperson said: ‘The vendor’s aunt worked for a relation of Paul McCartney’s, Bett Robbins, who owned the Bow Bars in Union Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

‘The Beatles were due to perform in Portsmouth and then come to Ryde to visit Paul’s relation, who had arranged for the vendor, then a schoolgirl, to meet the group the following morning.

‘However, plans changed and the Beatles went straight back to London.

‘The vendor then received the signed card.

‘The Beatles played at the Savoy Ballroom, Southsea, Portsmouth on 7th April and it could well have been this concert referred to.

‘The next day they had a packed schedule back in London with a radio and TV appearance and concert.’

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