Argentinian Cyclist Hospitalized After Crashing Into Cactus, Body Covered In Thorns

An Argentinian man crashed into a large pile of cacti during a recent bike ride … and he was covered in so many thorns afterward — he was forced to go to the hospital for treatment.

The poor guy’s name is Diego Moreno … an amateur bicyclist who was riding in Buenos Aires when the disastrous spill went down.

Moreno says he was cycling in a pack … when he didn’t see a pothole in the road. He claims his bike clipped it and sent him flying.

Unfortunately for Moreno, his landing area was giant cactus — and he hit the plant so hard, it stuck hundreds of thorns into his body.

Check out the footage of the aftermath … everything from Moreno’s head to toe was covered in broken pieces of the prickly plant.

Good Samaritans tried to help Moreno … but the damage was so significant, he had to get immediate medical care at a local facility.

Fortunately, Moreno did NOT suffer any life-threatening injuries … and is expected to make a full recovery.

“Thank God I was wearing glasses and a helmet and I didn’t injure my face or head,” Moreno told local media after the wreck. “Because the way the spines got embedded in me, it could have blinded me.”

See … ALWAYS wear protection, kids!

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