Ariana Grande Is Taking a Break from Music to Focus on Some "New Versions of Storytelling"

Ariana Grande’s last album, 2020’s Positions, is going to have to hold us all over for a while because the singer is taking a break from music for a while.

Even though she’s giving her voice a rest in the literal sense, Ariana has made it clear that she still has plenty to say and will be doing exactly that—just through “new versions of storytelling.” Those “new versions” include things like her new makeup line, r.e.m. beauty, mentoring up-and-coming singers as a coach on The Voice, and getting back into acting.

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In a new interview with Allure, Ariana went into a ton of detail about that first new kind of storytelling, her beauty line, which will launch eye products first because, as she explained, the eyes are “our main gateways to our dreams, our emotions, our everything.”

“They’re our main storytellers and sources of communication,” she said. “I feel like you can emote more with your eyes than you can articulate sometimes.”

Ariana also got candid about being “yet another” celebrity launching a beauty brand and why she actually doesn’t think there’s a thing as too many celebrity beauty brands at all.

“I’ve thought a lot about this, of course, because I don’t want to just hop onto any bandwagons ever,” she said. “I think that…I wear my peers’ makeup as well, just like I listen to their music. I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, there’s too many female artists.’ I love and I’m [a] huge fan of my peers that do both, and I think that it’s just another way to tell stories. Because you can never have enough makeup, just like you can never have enough music.”

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The first drop from r.e.m. beauty is “coming this fall,” according to an Instagram post from the brand (which Ariana re-posted). Ariana’s other “not an album” storytelling projects are also launching soon. Her stint on the new season of The Voice begins airing September 20 and she’s dipping her toes back into acting in Netflix’s Don’t Look Up, which is set to premiere on December 10.

So, basically, Ariana does more when she’s on a “break” from her main gig than most of do at the height of our productivity. Yep, that tracks.

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