Beth Chapman’s Daughter, Cecily, Said Her Mom Was ‘So Proud’ Of Upcoming ‘Dog’s Most Wanted’

Fans of Beth Chapman will get to see her one last time in the upcoming series, ‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ and her daughter, Cecily Chapman, said her mother put her heart and soul into ‘her last work.’

Nearly a month after Beth Chapman passed away after a long battle with cancer, fans were treated to the trailer for the new show, Dog’s Most Wanted. The series, debuting on WGN America on Sept. 4, follows Duane ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman, 66, as he goes after his most wanted fugitives. It also, sadly, follows Beth during her final days. After the trailer dropped, Beth and Dog’s daughter, Cecily Chapman, 26, shared the clip on her Instagram Story in tribute to her mom. “Her last work,” she captioned the IG Story. “She was so proud of this show/season.”

Beth had plenty of reasons to be proud of this new show. In the trailer, she stares down death and doesn’t blink. “One you find out it’s incurable lung cancer, there’s no stage 5,” she says in the preview. However, while some might wallow in despair or give up on themselves, Beth decides it’s time to get back to work. “If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die in my boots,” she says, before joining Dog’s team – “The Dirty Dozen” – in tracking down dangerous fugitives.

“My wife is, was, and always will be the heart and soul of Dog’s Most Wanted,” her husband said in a statement. “Beth wanted nothing more than for the show to go on, and I am so proud of the legacy that she left behind. She lived and died for this show, and she would be so proud of how hard we worked bringing these criminals to justice.”

Before the release of the Dog’s Most Wanted trailer, Beth’s daughter Bonnie Chapman revealed the last words of advice her mother gave her before entering in a medically induced coma that she, sadly, would never wake from. Bonnie shared a text message between her and Beth about a tattoo she had recently gotten. “It hurt like a bitch. You can see how much I was crying,” Bonnie said, to which Beth replied, “It’s very pretty. No pain, no gain.” “I love you,” Bonnie said. “I’ll be there tomorrow.”

Shortly after that, Beth was rushed to The Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu. Beth passed away on June 26 and was remembered in two public memorials: one in her adoptive home of Hawaii and one in her native Colorado.

Dog’s Most Wanted will premiere on Sept. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America. Ahead of the debut, the network will run a two-day marathon of Dog The Bounty Hunter on Sept. 3 and 4.

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