Bill Maher Says Social Media is Actually Anti-Social Media

Bill Maher went on a tear against social media Friday night, saying it’s a colossal misnomer, because it should be called “anti-social media,” and it’s destroying our civilization.

Scoff at the ‘Real Time’ host if you want, but it’s hard to argue the point … when it comes to human interactions, we have jettisoned it because it’s easier to live a lazier life with our iPhones.

BTW, Bill’s not alone. The Surgeon General of the United States has said there’s a crisis of loneliness, isolation and lack of connection. And there are health consequences, including alcoholism, strokes, and on and on.

And then there’s AI, Maher says. There is now a “replica” AI GF you can have … btw, that fake chick has 2 million boyfriends and counting.

It’s interesting, Bill interviewed Tristan Harris, a tech ethicist on the show, who has talked about a phenomenon he calls “human downgrading.”

But between it all, plus the isolation we all suffered during the pandemic, Bill has these words of wisdom … “For f***’s sake, go play outside!”

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