Blake Shelton Tells Ariana Grande She Won't "Make It on This Show” in BTS 'Voice' Clip

The knockouts on The Voice are showing a different side of the coaches, and needless to say coach Blake Shelton is trying everything in his power to secure another win … even if that means messing with newcomer Ariana Grande’s head.

In a newly released clip from backstage, we see Blake attempt to do just that. It all started when Ariana asked her fellow coaches how they were feeling about the first round of the knockouts. Kelly Clarkson shared that she was energetic, and John Legend brought up that “saves” — where a coach could choose to save one contestant from elimination — were no longer a thing. When Ariana declared that she was “super nervous” about having no saves, John reminded her that she still could steal one contestant from another team. It was then that Blake asked an important question to the group. “Everybody got their hands in their pockets?” he asked. Hilariously though, Ariana’s blue crop top and skirt set didn’t have any. And this was a deal breaker for the country music star.

The #1 rule of being a coach on @nbcthevoice: Gotta have pockets! #TheVoice #TeamBlake

“You’re never going to make it on this show,” he told the “Positions” singer. “Voice coaches have to have pockets.” With that, he turned and walked away toward the stage. After seeing the hilarious clip, fans couldn’t help but break out into laughter. “OMG Blake 😂😂,” one person wrote. “Hahahahhh 😂,” another added. “😂🤣,” a different fan tweeted.

Now, this isn’t the first time Blake has tried to throw Ariana off her game. But as folks know, she’s pretty clever with her comebacks (erm, burn book). Jokes aside, Monday night’s episode of The Voice will be the last round of the knockouts and the final chance for the remaining hopefuls to move on to the live performances.

Only time will tell who will come out on top. Who knows, maybe neither Blake nor Ariana take the season 21 win and Kelly or John beat them instead. We shall see!

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