Boosie Badazz to Take Legal Action Against Instagram Over Racial Discrimation

Having his Instagram Live stream stopped halfway through, the ‘Nasty Nasty’ rapper takes to his Twitter account to express how frustrated he is with the photo-sharing site.

AceShowbiz -Boosie Badazz has had enough. The hip-hop star, who’s also known as Lil Boosie, is getting so tired of Instagram banning his accounts that he is now planning to take legal action against the photo-sharing site.

Boosie let his intention known to the world on Thursday, September 17. “I STARTED A NEW IG @boosienewig n they stopped my live soon as shaderoom posted it. I HAVENT POSTED NOTHIN R WENT LIVE,” he said. “This is discrimination/racial etc.” Boosie then added that he’d call his lawyer Drew Findling to help him win the case.

His original Instagram account was removed from the site last month, as reports stated that the decision was made because Boosie kept violating the site’s rules. The “Nasty Nasty” spitter has a history of sharing adult contents on his platform, including nudity, In addition to that, he used Instagram to promote his OnlyFans account, where he provides pornographic entertainment for his subscribers.

This, naturally, upset Boosie so much he posted on social media a video of him urging Mark Zuckenberg to reinstate his account. “Mark Zuckinburger (sic). I need to talk to you,” he said at the time. “I don’t even know what I did! But this is how I feed my family. Mark, do not do this to 2020. Do not take Boosie off Instagram! We need to talk, Mark.”

He continued in a separate video, “Mark Zuckerberger, I need to get back on Instagram. I just got an email they said I had some sexual content. Playa, if I f**ked up, I f**ked up. My bad! If it popped off, it wasn’t my fault, but I’ma take my lick. They just sent me a thang for me to take a picture with and my Instagram still ain’t back on.”

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