Bow Wow played to a packed maskless crowd at club in Houston over the weekend

The U.S. will hit 400,000 covid deaths before Tuesday and spikes are happening all over the country. Despite these deplorable numbers there are people still willing to risk it all to hang out in crowds without masks. Between the illegal superspreader parties in L.A. and a street party in Alabama that attracted thousands of non-mask wearers it is no wonder why ICUs are full in so many places. All I know is we will be in this holding pattern where we can’t see family and friends or travel because of these selfish fools.

Another celebrity is being called out for having a concert in a club with several hundred mostly unmasked people. Bow Wow was outed for doing a performance of his 2005 song “Like You” in a club in Houston, Texas this weekend. Many of those in attendance were posting videos of the performance on social media. Supposedly there were other artists performing as well but there has been no evidence to prove this claim. Below are a few deets from Page Six:

The 33-year-old is seen performing his 2005 hit “Like You” in a packed club, where most patrons are not wearing face masks. The move led social media to question both the artist and his fans who chose to risk their health for one night out.

Fans claim there were other celebrities in attendance, but it seems the rapper and “Growing Up Hip Hop” star is receiving the brunt of the backlash.

[From Page Six]

Ya’ll I am so tired of these selfish people. Like, we are ALL suffering right now. We are ALL dealing with isolation because of covid. But many of us are willing to not see friends and family for a short period of time. We want to get this virus under control so that we can get back to a normalish life. I don’t understand the people who STILL don’t believe this virus is real or just don’t care how they could be spreading it because of their irresponsible behavior.

Bow Wow and whomever was with him should have known better. I know it is difficult for artists right now because many are not working and are trying to find ways to make money. Some are taking these unnecessary risks to stay afloat. Whatever the case, the people who arranged the performance and those who showed up really need to look at their life choices. I am now expecting there to be a huge spike in covid in about two weeks that will be hitting our already exhausted medical workers.

Below are a few tweets about the performance:

Selfish idiots.

— Scam Allardyce (@Nigerianscamsss) January 16, 2021

— j stant (@J_Stanton15) January 17, 2021

— monie the pony. (@theeevillain) January 16, 2021

A post shared by Bow wow (@shadmoss)

A post shared by Bow wow (@shadmoss)

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