Britney Spears Claims Justin Timberlake Cheated On Her – With Another Celebrity!

Britney Spears is no longer willing to take the blame for her split from Justin Timberlake!

It’s a tale as old as time at this point. When the A-listers broke up after three years together back in 2002, the *NSYNC star put the Toxic artist on BLAST in the revenge-fueled music video for Cry Me a River, sparking speculation the 41-year-old had cheated. But that was just ONE side of the story!

The Circus star has been opening up about this very relationship in her upcoming memoir The Woman In Me, and she’s not holding back any longer! In excerpts released by various outlets this week, it was revealed she got knocked up with JT’s baby back in 2000 when they were both just 19. She actually wanted to go through with having the kiddo, but her boyfriend convinced her to get an abortion — a decision that would come to haunt her. Fans even think she referenced the difficult choice in her Everytime music video, which was a direct clapback to Justin’s aforementioned hit.

So, considering all this new info, it’s not hard to see the pair had a messy relationship — and it gets worse!

According to TMZ on Wednesday, in her book, Britney also accuses Justin of cheating on her. And he supposedly did so WITH ANOTHER CELEBRITY! Oh, s**t!

Sources told the outlet that the mother of two doesn’t name the mistress, mostly because the woman now has a family that she doesn’t want to embarrass. Wow!

For now, it’s also unclear the timeline of things. You know, like, who was the first one to allegedly cheat?!? Because if it was Justin, well, that would make his reaction to their split and the narrative he spun publicly pretty nasty indeed!!

Maybe Brit will break down it all even further in the tell-all, too.  We’ll have to wait until next Tuesday to see.

Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below)!

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