BTS’ RM’s "Seoul Town Road" Lyrics Make Lil Nas X’s Original Song Even Better

RM has officially jumped on the "Old Town Road" train. Horse? Train. The leader of BTS and Lil Nas X just dropped a new remix of Lil Nas’ hit "Old Town Road," and the "Seoul Town Road" track (yes, it’s called "Seoul Town Road," as in the city in South Korea) is just as much of a bop as the original. BTS’ RM’s "Seoul Town Road" lyrics might not mean what you think they mean, though.

This remix is shorter than the original at just under two minutes, but that short runtime doesn’t mean there isn’t time to slay! RM sings the intro, then Lil Nas X comes in with the "horses in the back" verse.

RM starts the song off with,

Then Lil Nas X comes in with his verse and the first chorus.

Then comes RM’s verse. Pay attention, ARMY. These lyrics aren’t what they seem.

RM and Lil Nas do the next chorus together.

Then RM does the outro.

Awww, RM’s verse is all about rollin’ with his homies, right? WRONG. Spelling "homie" as "homi" wasn’t a mistake. It was intentional.

Exhibit A: RM’s tweet about the song.

The BTS rapper tweeted "Seoul Town Road with my Ho-Mi" on July 25 with two photos — one, a screenshot of the song playing on an iPhone; two, a pair of handheld garden hoes with cowboy hats drawn on them.

"Why the heck is RM tweeting photos of garden tools wearing cowboy hats?" you ask. Well, children, that’s because a homi (not "homie") is a steel, handheld garden hoe created in Korea. Yup, so when RM raps, "I got the homis in my bag / Have you heard of that?" he’s literally asking you if you’ve ever heard of the Korean gardening tool called a homi.

When he raps, "Riding to the farm (Huh) / Grabbing all the corn (Huh) / We gon’ get yo’ money with my homi in your backyard" he literally means he’s grabbing corn with his gardening tool. And he’s going to use his homi to take all your money!!

Some might call this dumb. I call this art. Hang that homi cowboy hat photo in the Louvre.

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