Cant pull them off! Karren Brady savages Sarah Jessica Parker’s outfit choice

Sex and the City: Sarah Jessica Parker teases revival series

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Karren Brady, 52, has launched a rant against Sarah Jessica Parker for her clothing choice. The Apprentice judge made a passing comment about Sarah’s choice to wear dungarees.

Dungarees are only suitable for under-10’s and pregnant women

Karren Brady

Karren wrote the comments in an article.

She started by praising the actress for her inspiration to women over the world as a style icon. 

This comes after the 56-year-old appeared on the cover of Vogue. 

Karren mentioned how the actress has said that female actors receive a lot of sexism, where male actors never do. 

This all comes in the run up to The Sex And The City revival series, in which Sarah takes the lead role. 

The businesswoman said: “Well, needless to say, all women in their 50s are more than OK with it. 

“In fact, I defy any woman in her 30s, 40s or 50s not to be just a little bit excited about the return of SATC – and all of those amazing outfits.”

She then went on to offer up a bit of fashion advice to the Sex And The City star. 

Karren said that despite all the other stars looking fabulous, she isn’t sure that “even SJP can pull off these dungarees.”

Her final comment concluded that that there is no such thing as age-appropriate dressing but that dungarees shouldn’t be worn by everyone. 

She said: “In my opinion, dungarees are only suitable for under-tens and pregnant women.”

In the rest of the article, Karren also went on a tirade about neglecting to participate in remembrance day celebrations. 


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She said that just thinking about how many men gave their lives so people today could live freely “overwhelms her with emotion.”

She also spoke about Meghan Markle and a story about “Asda dress codes.”

Karren also recently defended models Davina McCall and Amanda Holden in another article for The Sun.

The two models were attacked for apparently photoshopping pictures in an ad campaign.

Davina McCall had received crude comments from a social media user who called her an “old, over sun-kissed woman” and said that she should “cover up”. 

Karren said in response: “I think people should celebrate them and stop being so snipey.”

She added that she has seen the two “up close” and confirmed that the rumours were untrue. 

And Just Like That, the Sex and The City revival series is released on December 9

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