Chicago Street Twerking Party & Fight Erupt, ATL Goes 'Fast & Furious'

12:23 PM PT — Atlanta PD tells TMZ … their officers actually ended up responding to two massive street gatherings this weekend, and it sounds like one of them was what we’re seeing here on video.

We’re told that cops responded to a noise complaint just before midnight Saturday, and found a large party had moved outside, where at least 100 people were gathered and parking violations were aplenty. The police started to disperse the crowd, and eventually started issuing tickets … which we’re told really got people moving and outta there.

Crazy enough, APD says a lot of those people from that block party went to another location — and the cops then had to respond to that and break it up as well! Now, as for these speed racers in the clip Tigger posted — APD wouldn’t confirm if their officers specifically dealt with it … but they do say cops DID intervene in what was described as a “gathering of vehicles and people,” which the cops then proceeded to disperse too.

We’re told officers saw a lot of people driving recklessly, and once they started directing traffic and doling out citations … the group eventually began to leave accordingly. We might not have seen them on video, but yes … the 5-0 was out there doing their thing.

11:27 AM PT — Chicago was not the only city to hit the streets and rage this weekend — a lot of folks down in Atlanta did the exact same thing (with motorcycles and other whips to boot), which was all posted by BET’s Big Tigger … who was sorely disappointed in what he saw.

Check out the video BT put up, showing a massive amount of people congregating outside at night to watch what sounds like a bunch of race cars, quads and dirt bikes do donuts and put on a good old-fashioned sideshow. Looks like a scene out of “The Fast & Furious.”

He wrote of the scene, “Good Morning and Happy Sunday… this is alarming and disappointing on so many levels…” going on to say that we gotta do better together.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

One person who does NOT see it that way is one Waka Flocka — who posted a pretty eyebrow-raising message on his own social media page that seems to side with the quarantine quitters. The rapper wrote, “Why people mad at others for going outside 🤷🏽‍♂️” He added a caption to that too, saying … “Shut TF up.” Okay then, thanks Waka!

As if it didn’t get crazy enough with the party, a fight erupted right on the street, and it was the opposite of social distancing.

Their defiance defies logic, but here it is … another super-unsafe party in Chicago in the midst of a still untamed pandemic.

A throng of folks hit the streets of West Chi-Town Saturday night for a rager. A woman twerked on the hood of a car as the crowd roared its approval.

Chicago has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, and Mayor Lightfoot pled with Chicago residents Saturday not to defy the doctors and scientists. It’s one thing to go out and get exercise, adhering to social distancing … it’s another to pack in like sardines, which is a surefire way to spread the virus.

The Mayor has cause for deep concern. Late last month there was a shocking scene at a Chicago house party where it seemed impossible to cram one more person inside. As you know by now, high concentrations of people — like at funerals or celebrations — can cause an explosion of COVID-19 cases.

The Mayor has also echoed what is now a known fact … the virus is hitting minority communities disproportionally hard.

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