Chloe Bennet Reveals She's Battling COVID-19 Along With Her Family

Chloe Bennet is opening up about her COVID-19 diagnosis. The 28-year-old Agents of SHIELD star took to her Instagram Stories on New Year’s Eve to share the news that she and several of her family members have contracted the coronavirus.

“On Christmas morning I woke up with a high fever, and unable to breathe,” she wrote. “I got tested, and I’m positive for COVID-19… it’s been a rough week to say the least.” 

Bennet added that “multiple members” of her family have also been infected and are “battling it out together.” 

“We’re still not in the clear, but as of now we’re doing… okay,” she continued. 

Bennet urged her followers to continue taking the pandemic seriously, noting that just writing the message was “exhausting.” 

“Covid sucks. It just really sucks,” she wrote. “I pride myself on staying healthy, I always wore a mask, social distanced, and took all the necessary precautions and still I got VERY sick. And I’m one of the lucky ones… I’m young, healthy, and diligent about my health and this virus still knocked me the f**k down and continues to do so.”

For more on stars battling COVID, watch the clip below:

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