Chris Evans Cements Heartthrob Status by Flaunting Piano Skills

Try not to eat your heart out after watching Chris Evans play the piano … dude has skills that just might push him to the top of the Hollywood Chrises list.

Captain America spent his Tuesday night learning one of his favorite songs by Italian composer and pianist Fabrizio Paterlini. You can tell the joy the graceful mood piece brought Chris as he mastered the song.

And leave it to Chris to keep it patriotic even while getting down on an Italian song … he was rocking a NASA cap. Repping for science and classical piano at the same time … pretty badass.

You can almost see what he’s thinking — what ya got, sirs Hemsworth, Pratt and Pine???

Seriously, is there anything Chris can’t do?! Dude even turned a penis pic flub into a masterful campaign to get out the vote!!!

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