Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host admits wife cried over another man ‘You’re married to me!’

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Virgin Radio breakfast show host Chris Evans, 54, spoke to the UK’s favourite lockdown PE teacher, Joe Wicks, 33, on Wednesday morning as he returned ahead of his final YouTube lesson. Joe has raised a whopping £580,000 for the NHS through his online workouts and he’s become something of a national treasure throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

You’re married to me, not him!

Chris Evans

But now lockdown is easing and the gym’s are set to open, he’s decided it’s time to pack in his daily sessions and take a well-deserved “little break”, promising his loyal fans he will be back soon.

But before he embarked on his final 9am workout, he hit the airwaves with Chris to speak about the emotional goodbye.

While discussing how much he’s helped both children and adults keep active since the UK plunged into lockdown back in March, Joe noted how discontinuing the sessions will likely leave people wanting more.

And Chris knows someone very close to home who’s already feeling the effects.

“My wife’s quite sad,” he told Joe.


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“Are you getting that vibe from people?”

The Body Coach replied: “I think its going to be quite emotional!

“We’ve gone through this together, we’ve pushed ourselves and it’s been that one stable thing that we’ve been doing for so long.”

He explained that saying goodbye to his YouTube audience might render him an emotional wreck, as it became a staple of his and his 80+million follower’s daily routines.

“I’m going to try and keep it together, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m crying, Rose is crying and people at home are crying!” he laughed.

Chris agreed and admitted that even his wife was upset that Wednesday would be the last live workouts for now.

“My wife was crying last night about how the was the last one,” he said, before a slither of jealousy surfaced.

“And I was like ‘Wait a minute, you’re married to me, not him!'”

The 33-year-old laughed as they moved on, before signing off so his final workout could get underway.

Chris recently revealed there was a little bit of tension going on at home due to the fact he doesn’t have a mobile phone.

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The former BBC DJ gave up his mobile back in 2018 because he wanted more free time away from screens and he’s never looked back.

The only handheld technology he uses is an iPod so he can listen to podcasts.

While this may seem like freedom to most, others may see it as a little worrying as they cannot get hold of their loved ones in a convenient manner.

But Chris admitted the tension has finally settled: “It’s been a year and a half now, everyone is really happy with it.

“There was some resistance from certain quarters in the beginning understandably so in this modern world of communication.”


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Eventually friends and family began to understand his reasoning for taking a mobile phone break: “Now actually, people are saying you’re much more present now, and we get it,” Chris continued.

He recalled a family member assuring him: “‘If you want to borrow my phone every now and again, it’s fine’.

“Because that was a massive bump in the road for a while,” he admitted.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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