Chris Packham’s home targeted by sick thugs who hung dead badger from his gate

Chris Packham has been targeted by sick thugs who tied a dead badger to his gate.

The wildlife campaigner reported the horror to police after finding it when he returned home from work on Thursday night.

It is the latest incident targeting the star’s home after he spoke out against the killing of wild animals.

Posting a photo of the scene he said: “Always nice to get home after a long day at work to a warm welcome at the gate.

"I’d be grateful if you have an issue with me and my views if you could express it without killing innocent animals.”

He said his Asperger syndrome means he is equipped to deal with the abuse but he worries about his step-daughter Megan, 24, and his partner Charlotte, 44.

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He added: “Megs is a bit fed up of it.

"She’s pretty robust for a young woman, that’s good and reassuring.

“I’m not worried about myself, but more about them.

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"You just have to rise above the bullying and intimidation. I can’t let bullying like this get in the way of what I’m trying to achieve.

"The whole Asperger’s thing helps, I’m pretty defiant.”

Chris, 58, who hosts Springwatch with Michaela Strachan, has spoken out against badger culls but said he was not sure what the latest incident was in response to.

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At the end of last year a dead fox was dumped at his home after he spoke out against fox hunting.

It came after he was sent a death threat and had dead birds strung up at his gate after he slammed the shooting of “pest” birds.

The Mirror revealed last year he was stepping up security at his home in the New Forest, Hants, after being sent packages containing human excrement and a wooden plaque with a sketch of male genitalia.

But he insisted he will never stop standing up for wildlife.

He said: “They don’t have a voice, so I have to be that voice.

"I’ve been bullied all my life, I’m used to it. It just makes me more determined.

"Obviously I’m upsetting the right kind of people.”

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