Claudia Winkleman gives rare marriage insight about feminist husband

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Claudia Winkleman credits her husband Kris Thykier’s Danish background for his modern attitude to women’s roles in a marriage – and she says he’s never asked her what’s for dinner once. The 51-year-old Strictly Come Dancing host adds that having a feminist husband is the only reason she “survived lockdown” – and that her mother would never have allowed her to marry any other type of man.

According to Claudia, her movie producer partner Kris “is very Danish in his ways”.

“It’s not up to me to make dinner, it’s not up to me to make lunch, and it’s not up to him to take the kids outside to play catch,” she exclaimed in a 2021 interview with the Sun.

“In 20 years of marriage he has not once asked me what’s for dinner. I married a feminist, my mum wouldn’t have let me not.”

She added mischievously that he would never ask her to mend a button, simply because he’s “better at it” than she is.

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Claudia, who has a penchant for “annoying” habits like leaving teabags in the sink after attempting to use them as a tanning tool, also admitted that Kris is tidier than her.

For that reason, the bedtime and bathtime of their three children, Matilda, Jake and Arthur, has always been something at which he has excelled.

His responsibilities also include getting the trio to school on time and making a “magnificent chicken” when the opportunity allows.

“He has never expected me to do the house stuff and the kids’ stuff while he waltzes into the office,” she explained.

Claudia added that having a 50/50 marriage is “extremely helpful”.

The modern household set-up is something she’s been accustomed all of her life, as she admits her father is exactly the same at home.

However, there are limits to Kris’ patience – and one of Claudia’s bizarre beauty hacks leaves him fuming.

Talking on Radio Four’s Women’s Hour, she explained that her husband was “driven mad” by her leaving teabags in the sink after attempting to achieve her intentionally “orange” look.

Claudia revealed to an astonished Emma Barnett that the habit originated in her university days when she had to scrimp and save and scarcely had enough money to buy fake tan in the shops.

She resorted not just to teabags but also to Bisto gravy granules – and sometimes mud.

The presenter, who is also known for her smeared eyeliner and extra-long jet black fringe, adds that even “a brown Sharpie” isn’t out of the question for her in her bid to achieve the tangerine glow of her dreams.

“Burnt orange” by choice, she elaborated during the In The Bathroom online beauty vlog: “If you use the amount of spray tan I do, you need to scour it off with a kitchen utensil.

“If you were using a Dulux colour chart, if there was one on there that said tangerine, right at the bottom, the one where you say, ‘That’s going to be too much for our walls’, it’s not too much for me. Put it on!”

Claudia regularly invites a beautician to her house, who applies her glow inside a specially designated tanning tent – and she specifically asks for a shade that’s “orange”.

Her already long fringe has lengthened even more dramatically in recent years – and at one point in lockdown it covered her eyes completely if she didn’t pin it back – but she has revealed that the unusual style saves her needing to fork out on Botox.

She added: “You get to a point where your face is falling off and your body is made of crepe but you know what makes you happy… your husband and your friends.”

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