Danielle Bregoli to Skai Jackson: I Will Literally Murder You!

Last year, teen rapper Danielle Bregoli got into a physical fight with Woah Vicky. Even getting owned on camera has not dampened her fighting spirit.

Now, Disney star Skai Jackson has taken out a restraining order against the infamous Bhad Bhabie … after she publicly threatened her life!

Skai Jackson is a 17-year-old actress, YouTuber, and author.

She is particularly well known for her work on Disney.

16-year-old Danielle Bregoli, who rose to fame after roasting Dr. Phil and demanding to physically fight his audience, is a young rapper.

Going by the moniker Bhad Bhabie, she has been breaking music records and making quite a name for herself.

On Thursday, February 27, Skai filed a restraining order against Danielle in a Los Angeles County courthouse.

The reason was that, two days earlier, Bhad Bhabie had gone on Instagram Live and warned Skai “I will literally kill you.”

Danielle’s reason for unhappiness was that she accuses Skai of trying to “get all up” with her boyfriend, who is reportedly 20-year-old NBA YoungBoy.

She accused Skai of using a finsta — a fake Instagram — to attempt to smear Danielle and snag YoungBoy Never Broke Again for herself.

“She’s moving sneaky,” Danielle accused. “Don’t go post on your fake page.”

In the courthouse filing, Skai described fearing for her life after Danielle’s threats.

“The harassment has caused me to be fearful of leaving my house by myself, and lack of sleep,” Skai describes.

Danielle also allegedly messaged her four months ago that she wanted to physically fight her. Yikes.

“I’ll dog you,” Danielle warns Skai in private messages contained in the court filing.

“What is the issue now? I haven’t even said nothing about you,” Skai replies.

Skai continues: “Don’t need any drama in my life. I’m good. If you heard/seen something it’s old. Ain’t nobody said anything.”

Danielle then replies: “Shut your scary ass up… Imma get to you… Hide… That’s all Imma tell you… HIDE.”

TMZ reports that the judge has granted Skai Jackson’s request for a restraining order.

Danielle Bregoli is ordered to stay at least 100 feet away from Skai, her home, and her workplace.

Additionally, Bhad Bhabie is forbidden from contacting or messaging Skai in any way, shape, or form.

Of course, these two were not the only ones who got into a beef over this, well, beef.

See, before the order was handed down, Danielle went to the Instagram page of Skai’s mom, Kiya Cole.

She warned the woman to “get a hold of” Skai’s alleged finsta.

Kiya replied: “Let me tell you something little girl! I’m definitely not the one to be played with!”

“Don’t come on my damn page with your trashy negativity!” she admonished Danielle.

Kiya, Skai’s mother, then wrote: “How about you just put your address or phone number in my DM”

“And I will gladly have this conversation with your mother!” she told the 16-year-old rapper. “I’m not having it.”

This is unfortunately where Danielle’s mom got involved, writing: “Oh listen to you preach.”

“Tell your daughter to stop speaking on mine and you think you are calling my daughter Ratchet?” she said. “Remember I come from New York too.”

In response to the drama, Danielle took to Instagram to flex using her career accomplishments.

“You can try to hate me for responding to bulls–t with more bulls–t,” Danielle begins.

She explains: “but that’s just who I am and I don’t apologize for none of it.”

“I been in this fake ass hollywood world for 3 1/2 years now and I’ve done ALOT when the whole world said I couldn’t,” Danielle points out.

“But I refuse to become as fake as hollywood is,” Bhad Bhabie insists.

“Y’all can play around on your finstas,” she writes, “but I’ll always say what’s on my mind as cuz that’s who I am.”

“Go get your restraining order,” Danielle concludes. “Imma go get checks.”

That’s some sound clapback … but maybe not as good as just not threatening someone’s life in the first place, right?

Right now, aspects of their alleged feud remain up in the air, such as why Danielle is so convinced that Skai is her romantic rival.

For the record, it would be illegal for 20-year-old YoungBoy to date either underage girl in the state of California.

He is, ironically, too old.

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