David Beckham labels Victoria ‘dramatic’ as she collapses onto floor in gym after workout

David and Victoria Beckham were feeling defeated after a gym session this week.

Over on Instagram, the famous couple proceeded to rip into each other's exhaustion, with former Manchester United and Real Madrid footballer David, 48, pictured flat-out on his face on a gym mat.

"And the Oscar goes to…" his wife, 49, sarcastically captioned a snap of the star.

Her husband tasted sweet revenge soon after, though, uploading two shots of the physically spent popstar-turned-fashion designer rolling around on her back.

"Not that my wife's dramatic or anything but this is what happened this morning," revealed David, while also tagging their performance coach Bobby Rich.

Meanwhile, in the recent Netflix docuseries centred on David, the pair are seen addressing their infamous matching purple wedding outfits 24 years on from the big day in Dublin.

"I'm trying to think back to when I decided to wear a purple suit, and I don't know when that happened,” the dad-of-four told the camera. "I think I just took Victoria's lead on it, but what were we thinking?"

"But it was fun," Victoria interjected. "We weren't worried about what people were going to say. You just want to express yourself, that's just who we were.

"I think that the media glamorised the wedding much more than it actually was. I love to have fun. I work very very hard. I take what I do very seriously. I want to be a great wife, a really great mum, but I wanna have fun as well.

"Sometimes my tongue-in-cheek sense of humour does tend to get me in trouble, but the wedding wasn't as huge as everybody made it out."

Unsurprisingly, the doc also explored David's alleged fling with Rebecca Loos, which the former personal assistant herself spoke about on Good Morning Britain shortly after its streaming release.

Displeased with how matters are presented on screen, the 46 year old even claimed David and Victoria's performances were rehearsed.

"When this documentary came out and everything that happened after it did, I tried very hard to just let it go and get on with my life, but it just really bothered me – the little angle at how he had played the narrative and how misleading it is, and how it's making me look like the bad person," Rebecca reflected.

"Of course, I am also guilty – it takes two to tango. It's not all his fault but it's both of us."

Co-host Richard Madeley probed in response: "Are you talking about the fact that in the documentary he hasn't actually admitted that he had an affair with you? He's always denied it completely…"

Pointing out a seemingly overlooked element of the sporting icon's statement, she said: "He's not denied [the affair]. He's never denied it. He has said that my claims are 'ludicrous'. Ludicrous is not denying. Ludicrous could be truth.

"Ludicrous is a term used by lawyers to give to their clients when they don't want to admit to the truth. They say 'use the word ludicrous, it will deflect attention'."

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