Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Getting Dogged for Nearly $1 Million Judgment

Dog the Bounty Hunter is getting dogged over a lawsuit he lost back in the day, and the financial cloud hanging over his head has traveled from Mexico to California … and now to Hawaii.

Here’s the deal … we’re told Dog was arrested in Mexico in 2003, and hired a lawyer who ended up helping the reality TV star out of a jam, but they got into a disagreement over the fees. Dog ended up suing, the lawyer sued back, and it became a big mess.

At the end of the day, Dog took the ‘L’ — he was hit with a judgment in 2013 for around $880,000. That was filed in California, but according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ … the lawyer is still trying to collect and now he’s filed docs in Hawaii — where Dog has a home — hoping to chase down the money.

According to the docs, Dog now owes $880,916 plus interest … so it’s no wonder he’s getting hounded.

We reached out to Dog, and he had no comment.

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