EastEnders fans literally dying as Sonia and Reiss head to awkward 1st fertility treatment

EastEnders fans found the latest episode of the soap 'hilarious' as Sonia and Reiss headed to their first fertility treatment together.

In scenes which aired on Wednesday evening, 6 September, Sonia and Reiss were sat across the table from the fertility doctor, where there seemed to be some communication issues as Reiss misinterpreted something the doctor said.

Discussing the next steps in their fertility journey, the doctor told Sonia: "Everything looks nice and healthy. We will need to run some blood test and check you're ovulating."

Reiss jumped in and said that Sonia "isn't the problem", as she has already had a baby in the past, before Sonia said: "Yeah, 23 years ago".

Reiss was then reminded by the doctor that "fertility changes with age" before she stated: "Obviously we are going to need a sample from you too".

Completely misunderstanding what was meant by "a sample", Reiss proceeded to roll up his sleeves and said: "Yeah of course, I've got to warn you, I'm not great with needles, nearly fainted after my last covid jab but hopefully if I look away…"

The doc quickly interrupted just as Sonia looked like she was about to burst out laughing. Reiss was then taken back after he was handed a sample pot and asked when he last time he "ejaculated" was.

Fans thought the scene was hilarious as an embarrassed Reiss struggled to get his words out.

One wrote: "Riess [laughing face] at the fertility clinic #EastEnders", while another said: "'When was the last time you were Jugulated' Literally DIED at that line – before 21:00pm as well. #EastEnders".

A third fan added: "Honestly surprised they are allowed to say that on #EastEnders", while another said: "One of the most awkward questions to ask to one of the most awkward people in the world…#Reiss #Eastenders".

Others felt bad for the character as one fan wrote: "bless reiss he looks like he's walked into an interrogation".

Elsewhere on Albert square Lily Slater has just given birth to her baby girl in dramatic scenes, and is slowly coming to terms with being a new mum at just 13 years old.

The BBC soap finally aired the scenes where Lily gave birth to her daughter on September 5. The emotional episode prompted many to praise bosses for their amazing handling of the storyline.

Lily went into labour while she was at home, just as mum Stacey was left to face her stalker, Theo Hawthorne. A the ambulance was delayed to take Lily to the hospital which didn't leave mum Stacey with a ton of options. Stacey’s mother Jean Slater then arrived at the house to find Lily in full labour, meaning they had no other option but to prepare to welcome the baby at home.

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