Elizabeth Hurley, 54, Frolics On The Beach In Leopard Print Bikini — Stunning Pics

Elizabeth Hurley took to Instagram to promote a new ‘peacock robe’ that’s part of her clothing line by posting gorgeous photos of herself happily wearing it over a flattering bikini while having fun in the ocean.

Elizabeth Hurley, 54, is looking amazing these days and it showed in her latest pics! The actress shared two new nearly flawless photos of herself flaunting a flowing new peacock-patterned robe from her Elizabeth Hurley Beach line over a leopard print bikini on Instagram and we can guarantee her followers couldn’t look away! In the sizzling pics, which were posted on June 9, she’s wearing a lovely smile while frolicking in the ocean with her arms out wide and looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world!

“Glorious followers, we’ve received a small restock of our very limited edition Peacock Robe and, because it’s nearly my birthday, they have 30% off 😘😘😘😘,” the British beauty captioned the post, referring to the incredible fact that she will turn 55 on June 10.

It didn’t take long for her devoted fans to compliment her on the pics. “Beautiful woman,” many of them wrote while another called her an “amazing lady.” Others left her heart-eyed emojis and one follower simply called her “perfect.”

Elizabeth is known for often posting pretty photos of herself and she looks half her age in every single one of them! On May 31, she stunned in a photo that showed her modeling a turquoise bikini from her line and on May 21, she shared photos that showed her posing in green grass while wearing a yellow bikini. She was even topless in one of them and proved she has an incredibly toned figure! The pics were meant to promote sunscreen, which she held in the them, but all anyone could talk about in the comments section was her.

We look forward to seeing more great pics of Elizabeth in the future. We can’t wait to see what she shares for her special day on June 10! 55 is a milestone and she’s wearing it well!

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