Exclusive: Jordan Stephens ‘destroyed’ by friend Caroline Flack’s death

Jordan Stephens has expressed his heartbreak over the death of his friend Caroline Flack, and insists she was ‘doing her best’ to cope with the scrutiny in the months before. 

Love Island presenter Caroline died at the age of 40 in February after taking her own life. 

The beloved TV star was due to face trial last month after pleading not guilty to assault following an incident with her boyfriend Lewis Burton. Caroline was subjected to abuse from social media trolls in the months before her untimely death.

Opening up about the tragic loss of Caroline, Jordan told Metro.co.uk: ‘It destroyed me. Absolutely heartbroken. 

‘I can’t believe it. It’s another one of those things that looked like it was right under everyone’s nose.’ 

The former Rizzle Kicks singer is currently hosting the second season of Spotify Original podcast Killing It, which discusses mental health topics with pop stars.  

Following Caroline’s death, fans and her celebrity friends launched the #BeKind campaign in her memory to encourage positivity online. 

Jordan continued: ‘I really think we have a real responsibility to people to not interact with clickbait headlines and this idea of just revelling in someone’s breakdown. 

‘Of course, gossip is gossip and I’m sure there’s some logic to it or some kind of biological reality of how people deal with stuff or the responsibility you have to yourself as like an alpha male or female… I don’t know.’ 

The Don’t Hate The Playaz host then insisted: ‘All I do know is that Caroline was doing her absolute best and the way in which she was treated up to that [her death] was awful and contributed to that. 

‘That breaks my absolute heart because she was a kind person, she genuinely was a lovely person. She had her flaws like everyone, but she needed help and she didn’t get it.’ 

Jordan and Caroline had a close friendship and were often seen enjoying nights out together at showbiz events over the years.  

Caroline’s funeral was held privately last month and a full inquest into her death is expected to take place in August. 

The Killing It podcast will feature interviews with musicians including Liam Payne, Sugababes star Mutya Buena and Snowpatrol’s Gary Lightbody. 

Jordan Stephens hosts series two of Killing It. Available to listen to exclusively on Spotify now. 

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