Faye Winter claims she’s received ‘hate’ and ‘lost work’ after slamming XL Bully ban

Faye Winter has shared that she has received hate and lost job opportunities after she spoke out against the ban on owning America XL Bully dogs.

The former Love Island star, 28 shared a video to her Instagram page which saw her meeting an XL Bully called Nala, as she hit out at those who want to generalise the breed as evil.

In the length caption, she wrote: "NALA – firstly what an honour to meet such an incredible, kind soul that the UK wants to generalise as evil.

"It was a pleasure to be in your company from the moment I saw you to the moment I left."

"I’m not here to take away from anyone that has been the subject of a dog attack, I’m sorry you’ve had to endure pain and heartbreak, I’m also not here saying that there is no evil in people that own this breed," she continued.

"All I know is that most of these dogs are just like Nala preparing to have their innocent lives ended on the 31st of December because they are in rehoming centres and I can’t sit back and watch.

"Through speaking on this subject I’ve endured hate and lost work but if I can save one dog’s life I know it will be for something."

Faye, who owns her own adorable pooch called Bonnie, continued: "All you see in the media is one small horrendous snippet and I can see why people are fearful, I’m just wanting to show you another side the true side for most of this breed.

"You all gave us a platform and I’ll be dammed if I’m not using it [white heart emoji].

"NALA is based at @rspcalittlevalleyexeter they are looking through applications and are hopeful they will find her the perfect home however due to legislation, Nala will have to go through exception based on her physical characteristics, I can’t say how much this breaks my heart but I know she will have the most amazing life with someone that respects and adores her because she is the most amazing girl [white heart emoji]"

Fans were quick to support the star, with one writing: "Never change Faye! Remember it is these values , your honesty and your authenticity that makes you stand out from the crowd- and why you are loved."

"It's a shame that Faye has lost work for standing up and giving support to all animals but this is the Faye we love she has always put integrity before money most influencers put much effort into the money to scared to voice there true opinions in they lose jobs well done Faye it refreshing to see a young woman stand up for what she believes" added another.

While a third penned: "Well done for speaking up for these poor innocent dogs @faye__winter"

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