First Look Photos of Miya Cech & Sister Kai On American Girl: Corinne Tan Set!

The first look at the upcoming American Girl: Corinne Tan special has been revealed!

Miya Cech is starring in the special as Corinne Tan, and her real life sister Kai, will play her younger sister Gwynn.

Miya and Kai are pictured here in full matching outfits with the American Girl dolls they’re bringing to life, and they were surprised on set with the dolls!

Also pictured is the adorable pup Fish, who will be playing Flurry in the upcoming special.

Corinne Tan is actually the 2022 Girl of the Year, and the first of Chinese descent.

As previously announced, in American Girl: Corinne Tan, 13-year-old ski enthusiast Corinne Tan navigates her parents’ recent divorce while her 10-year-old sister, Gwynn, dad, mom, and stepdad Arne have adjusted to their new roles in this blended family. She discovers a new purpose when she challenges herself to train a rambunctious puppy named Flurry to become a search and rescue dog.

The special will air this December on Cartoon Network, and will be available on HBO Max the next day.

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