George Foreman Thinks Mike Tyson Could Make a Serious Title Run Right Now

George Foreman was so impressed with Mike Tyson‘s performance against Roy Jones Jr. — he thinks the 54-year-old could still make a serious run at a heavyweight title RIGHT NOW.

Yes, he’s dead serious.

“If he gets 3 more exhibitions like that, at that level, I would even back him in challenging any title contender, even a champion,” Foreman told TMZ Sports.

“If the right situation arrived, Mike Tyson could be in for a good title shot … and [with 3 more] of these exhibitions, he can beat some of these guys who can be champion out there.”

In fact, Foreman says he’d pick Tyson to beat guys like Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder … under the right circumstances.

“If you go 8 two-minute rounds, I’d back Tyson,” Foreman said … “10 two-minute rounds, I’d back Tyson!”

Foreman said he didn’t expect to feel so charged up about Tyson — but he says his feelings are genuine, he was extremely impressed.

“I was on the edge of my seat,” Foreman says … “I did exhibitions with Sonny Liston, I’ve seen [Muhammad Ali] do exhibitions, but I’ve never seen one that exciting, never.”

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