GMB’s Richard Arnold addresses change of guard on ITV with Ben Shephard

GMB: Richard Arnold says he’s ‘thrown’ by Kate’s outfit

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Good Morning Britain star Richard Arnold has recently marked 25 years on breakfast television.  The presenter began his TV career on The Sunday Show for the BBC.

In 1997, he joined GMTV as a TV critic before going on to work on GMTV and LK Today.

In 2012, Arnold became the Showbiz Editor for ITV Breakfast programme Daybreak, and when the programme was axed in 2014, Richard joined Good Morning Britain.

The showbiz journalist has now looked back on his career during an interview with OK! in which he described his return to ITV after doing radio as “coming back to the family”.

Asked whether he had ever thought of a “plan B” for his career, Richard said: “There was a change of guard when they launched Daybreak, and myself and Ben weren’t part of it.

“I’d just turned 40 at the time and I ended up going to LBC Radio, which has always been a big love of mine, so it worked out.

“But after a year or so, I started getting phone calls from ITV flirting with the idea of returning.

“It felt like coming back to the family, as it had been such a big chunk of my career.”

However, breakfast television is not always easy and can be subject to intense scrutiny.

Last year, Richard discussed the backlash Good Morning Britain presenters are often met with in an exclusive interview with

The showbiz editor said: “(In 1997) the only thing that you had was a duty log where viewers would call in and, you know, their comments will be written down.

“Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard and I would be extremely grateful when they were handed to us.

“And you know you could see some comments were redacted to protect our fragile sensibilities.

“But now, of course, it’s all out there and then the minute you say something on the show it’s clickbait or there’s a tremendous heat about it.”

The broadcaster also discussed how the format of the breakfast show has changed over the years.

He explained: “When Kate, Ben and I first started doing that show. I’ve been on it since 1997. The format has changed a lot over the years.

“Kate is brilliant, she always says to me because obviously, we’re all mates we’ve known each other for so long, ‘do you think we’ll see the end of linear television?’ and I said ‘we might do’.”

He continued: “But it has changed a lot. I mean when you think about the old days when it was all scattered cushions, chatting about Steve McDonald and who puts their wheelie bins out.

“The world has become a different place and I know the show heartily reflects that.

“That is the point of Good Morning Britain, it does absolutely reflect the conversation that has been having on it is being had over breakfast in people’s homes at that very moment.

“It is not presenting television as we think you should see it.”

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