Halsey Shows Off New Tattoo On Freshly Shaven Head

After revealing a new shaved-head look to fans last week, Halsey has now unveiled two new tattoos, one of which is on her freshly shaven head.

On Sunday, October 25, Halsey posted a photo on her Instagram stories showing off her new tattoo, which is inked on the right side of her head. The artwork, done by Noah Lee a.k.a. Nal, is of two stars, one large and one small.

The singer had previously used that artwork for the promotion of her third studio album, Manic.

“Finally did it,” she wrote over the photo.

Halsey also posted a picture of a second tattoo on her forearm, which is a cartoon done by Bjenny Montero, showing a small chick thinking the phrase “I wonder if they’ll remember me.”

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