Heidi Montag: Lauren Conrad isn’t as rich & successful as she should be

I actually like Lauren Conrad and her brand. Whenever I’m in Kohl’s, I’m drawn to her stuff and it’s genuinely very cute. Basic? For sure. But a lot of people have made a lot of money off of being pretty, basic and uncomplicated. That’s LC and her brand in a nutshell. So, Heidi Montag – LC’s old costar/frenemy on The Hills – shared some thoughts about LC, her brand and where Montag thinks she should be. And weirdly, I kind of ended up agreeing with Heidi Montag? What in the world? Montag was being interviewed on the Call Her Daddy podcast and here’s some of what she said:

Heidi Montag thinks that Lauren Conrad, 35, should have gone on to become the most successful “Hills” alum, but “she is not where she should” be “at all” these days.

“Kristin [Cavallari], let’s be honest, is the most successful,” Montag told host Alex Cooper on Tuesday’s episode. While Conrad’s net worth is reportedly valued at $40 million thanks to multiple fashion lines, a beauty brand and nine books, Montag believes her former co-star should have been as successful as billionaire Kylie Jenner.

“I feel like Lauren didn’t make it like she should have,” Montag said. “She should be Kylie. She was so good at makeup. She should have…ndone tutorials. If she had a good team, she’d be a billionaire, she’d be a hundred millionaire. She is not where she should have been at all… She has a Kohl’s line — great, whatever. But she should be a hundred millionaire. Are you kidding me? Who gets that big promotion, that big fame, that big engine behind her, the loved one, the this-and-that, the narrator? No one even gets the narrator show. Kylie didn’t get a narrator show. She should be so rich.”

Montag added that she looks at Conrad as the “Mary Tyler Moore” of their time, explaining that MTV wanted her to be “vanilla.”

“Everyone [had] drama around her and she’s like the sacred one,” she said.

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I don’t think Kristin Cavallari is more successful, at least not when it comes to brand-awareness and how much their brands are actually worth. I think Cavallari and LC are probably close to equally successful in their own ways. But Montag is right – LC’s empire should be bigger, all things considered. Lauren had great people around her, she had her father managing much of her business in the early days, and as I said, I actually think she has a nice, comfortable, vanilla brand. Her brand is basically a “Live Laugh Love” sign, but with lifestyle, clothing, jewelry & all forms of home decor. Why isn’t LC a bigger deal?

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