I Am Shauna Rae Star Debuts NEW Relationship After Controversial Dan Swygart Romance

Shauna Rae Lesick is taking things a little slower this time around, at least when it comes to the public eye.

For those who don’t know, Shauna is the star of I Am Shauna Rae, which TLC refers to as the story of a woman in her early 20s navigating life while “trapped in a child’s body.” See, she’s 24 now but still about the size of an 8-year-old due to a pituitary gland being stunted by childhood cancer.

The biggest hurdle lately for Shauna has been her love life. Earlier this year the reality star stepped into a pile of controversy thanks to a relationship with a man who… sought her out after seeing her on TV. Yeah, it sounds off, right? That’s how we read it anyway!

A few of Shauna’s dates with Dan Swygart were filmed for the show, and the whole thing had viewers giving the 26-year-old the side-eye — us included. Many online critics accused him of being some kind of creep for being attracted to her, something he argued was demeaning to her. We mostly agree with him, as she isn’t just her size — no one is. But we had a different take. We got the sense this man was clout-chasing!

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See, Dan’s Instagram looked to us like that of a typical wannabe influencer, all shirtless pics in exotic locations. And he felt a love connection with a reality star? And reached out to her and traveled across the world to hang out after seeing her on TV? Take away the size disparity, the superficial age ideas, and you have a pretty clearcut case of a guy looking for 15 minutes. Given Shauna Rae’s condition, it seemed worse to us — not because he was after a girl who looked in some ways young but because of how clear it became he wasn’t into her at all! That seemed confirmed by how explicitly he tried to assure everyone after their breakup that they never got physical at all! He played the good guy the whole time, the super understanding guy who said she had the right to adult romantic relationships. Then he couldn’t say loudly enough to everyone how he didn’t do anything. Now that seems like a violation of her privacy! Right??

Men only want one thing these days. And that’s their own show on the Travel channel.


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So it’s no wonder Shauna Rae decided to keep her next romance secret! She’s only now revealing she’s in a full-on relationship! She revealed on her Instagram Wednesday:

“So I’ve been keeping a secret…for awhile actually. all you really need to know is they make me happy and I don’t know if I’d be as far in my goals without them.”

Wha??? A secret relationship??

Like we said, it makes sense. And it’s also reasonable she’s completely shielding the new guy’s identity in the pics and caption. She wrote:

“Please know that all I ask from y’all is to support me and refrain from being hateful toward them or my relationship. Your welcome to your opinion but if it’s not supportive you can discuss elsewhere. Any hate towards my partner is hate towards me and I don’t tolerate that. I support each and every one of you and I ask for that respect back. Much love y’all! Stay amazing, beautiful, and positive!

See the post (below):


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It’s unclear how long the new couple have been together, but we’re pretty sure in one of those pics she’s in a Halloween fit. So that’s at least like a month and a half! Sneaky sneaky…

She obviously doesn’t want everyone coming for another guy with criticism over dating someone who in some ways looks young. We just hope he’s someone who got to know her for her — and not as a reality TV personality.

What do YOU think of Shauna Rae’s reveal?

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