I think youre gay Leonardo DiCaprio asked if he was homosexual by Miriam Margolyes

Miriam Margolyes tells Phillip Schofield she thought he was gay

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Miriam Margolyes, 80, candidly grilled Leonardo DiCaprio about his sexuality while working with him on Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet (1996). The Harry Potter star gave her account of the Hollywood she knows and her candid conversation with the Titanic heart-throb in her new book, This Much Is True.

Miriam also claimed that despite his good looks, DiCaprio was “quite smelly”.

In an adaptation of the memoir for Dailymail.co.uk, the actress wrote: “Leonardo has grown into an extremely fine actor but back then he was just a handsome boy who didn’t always wash; he was quite smelly in that very male way some young men are.

“Sometimes he wore a dress. ’Leonardo, I think you’re gay,’ I said.

“He laughed and said, ‘No Miriam. I’m really not gay.’

“But I was wrong. He did it to be talked about — much as I did when I smoked a pipe as an undergraduate at Cambridge.”

The Call the Midwife guest star, who has been outspoken about her own sexuality, recalled coming out as gay to her mother.

Speaking to This Morning’s Holly Willoughby, 40, and Phillip Schofield, 59, Miriam said her mum “couldn’t handle” the news.

Phillip, who publicly announced he was gay in 2020, spoke to Miriam about her experience coming out to her parents.

He said: “You say that one of the things you regret – which I thought was really sad – was when you came out to your parents and then it wasn’t long afterwards your mum had her stroke.”

Miriam added: “Well I always felt guilty about that.

“I mean you’ve been very brave, you came out.

“I sort of thought you might be gay when I met you because you’re a bit camp.

“I suppose I’m a bit camp, too.”

Philip agreed: “I think most people in telly are a bit camp, if I’m honest.”

Miriam turned to Holly: “Are you camp?” as she answered: “Yes, completely.”

The actress added: “She [her mother] couldn’t handle it and I think it was too much for her.

“That’s why I say people shouldn’t come out to people who can’t handle it.

“It’s tough to keep it in because I want to share.

“When I fell in love I wanted to tell everybody that I was in love.

“We’ve been together 53 years.”

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