IDF Investigating Video of Soldier Standing In Front of Tank as It Opens Fire

An Israel Defense Forces soldier nearly took a tank shell to the face … and now the super close call is under investigation.

New footage out of the Middle East shows an IDF member standing just a few feet away from a tank right as it opens fire.

The force of the blast knocks the soldier back several feet and the missile appears to whizz right over her head. It appears the soldier notices the tank opening fire at the last second … and she starts to react as the missile fires.

The video is making the rounds on social media and now the IDF says an “in-depth investigation” into the incident is underway and “penalties will be imposed.”

In a statement, Israel’s army says the incident is “serious and completely deviates from the IDF’s safety instructions.”

Fortunately, the IDF says the soldier in the video was not seriously injured.

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