Idris Elba Thinks He's Too Old to Play James Bond, But Is He Right?

Fans have been talking about Idris Elba taking on the 007 name long before Daniel Craig’s departure. It’s a topic that’s been coming up frequently and persistently, and may continue to pop up until a new James Bond is cast. Over the years, many reasons have been given as to why Elba is and isn’t the right actor for the role.

One of those reasons came from Elba himself, who once insisted he was too old for the part. But was he really that much older than other 007 agents?

Was Idris Elba too old to play James Bond?

Idris Elba is 49 years old now, but he was 43 when he shared he felt he aged out of the James Bond role. The subject of Elba playing Bond was once again brought to the actor’s attention in an interview with Good Morning America. It was here Elba first revealed that there were no official talks between him and the studio about playing Bond, and even back then it was nothing but hearsay.

“It’s the wildest rumor in the world,” Elba once said about his Bond prospects. “I keep saying if it was to happen, it would be the will of a nation because there have not been any talks with me and the studios about any of that. But everywhere I go people want that to happen.”

Elba then quipped that his age was another reason why he feels he’s not compatible with Bond.

“But if I’m really honest, man, I think I’m too old for that, ” Elba said. “I can’t be running around in cars, and ladies, and martinis. Who wants to do that? It sounds terrible.”

Although Elba might’ve believed he wasn’t young enough for the role, there’s reason to believe that at age 49 he still wouldn’t be considered old in James Bond years. After all, some of his predecessors were around his current age living the 007 life. And some of them were even older.

Who was the oldest actor to play James Bond?

According to IMDb, Roger Moore was the oldest actor to play James Bond. In his final Bond film, A View to a Kill, Moore was 58 when he bowed out of the role. Daniel Craig is 53 years old as he parts ways with 007. Ironically, Sean Connery was also 53 when he last put on Bond’s suit in Never Say Never Again.

By these metrics, if Elba stepped into the role today, he wouldn’t exactly be the oldest Bond in the grand scheme of things. But he would be the oldest Bond starting out. The oldest starting out currently is also Roger Moore, who was 46 when his first Bond film, Live and Let Die, hit theaters.

Idris Elba Has Once Again Ruled Himself Out As The Next James Bond….But He’d Still Like to Play the Role

Idris Elba made an emphatic statement about being James Bond. When asked by ITV London if he was going to succeed Daniel Craig, Elba didn’t mince words.

“No, I’m not going to be James Bond,” Elba said.

But The Wire actor also stated afterward that he would play James Bond if the opportunity presented itself.

“Who wouldn’t?” Elba said. “Come on, it’s an incredible role.”

Despite Elba’s certainty that he’s not playing Bond, fans still cling to the idea. He was even appointed by a former James Bond as a worthy successor for the franchise.

“Idris Elba comes to mind,” Brosnan said in an interview with People. “Idris is such a powerful presence and such a great former voice tensity. He would be magnificent.”

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