Jana Kramer & Mike Caussin's Divorce Filing Includes A Restraining Order – More Details Here!

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin’s divorce is getting a little intense!

According to Us Weekly, a temporary restraining order was issued by a Tennessee court two days after the pair called it quits — the order being one of the many conditions that the 37-year-old actress and 34-year-old former NFL star must follow for the foreseeable future.

In new docs, the court states that the estranged couple are prohibited from harassing, threatening, assaulting, or abusing their spouse, talking about their spouse in a “disparaging” way to or in front of their children and/or employers, or moving their children out of Tennessee or “more than 50 miles away from the marital home” without permission of the court.

The soon-to-be exes were also ordered not to hide or destroy any evidence stored on a computer hard drive or memory storage device or do anything to any marital property that diminishes its value. As for the extra bit of drama that is the restraining order? It’s brought to us by the state of Tennessee, as statutory temporary restraining orders automatically go into effect when a divorce filing is made in The Volunteer State.

As we reported, the singer pulled the plug on her nearly six-year marriage to the ex-athlete — with whom she co-stars on their podcast, Whine Down — on April 20, citing “inappropriate marital conduct, irreconcilable differences and adultery” in the filing.

Fans were heartbroken, but not exactly surprised, as the breakup came four years after Caussin sought treatment for s*x addiction after getting caught having several affairs. Although the two were heading toward a breakup in September 2016 when he was in rehab, they later reconciled and renewed their vows in December 2017.

Naturally, Kramer and Caussin were missing from their podcast on Monday. Brooke Burke filled in for them and promised the singer’s return the following week. Meanwhile, their podcast producer Mark Mohelnitzky commented on the divorce news during Monday’s episode, telling listeners:

“I was stunned when I heard the news … It’s been years of a podcast with these two arguing, bickering, struggling through their relationship, but I really thought they had turned a corner. I really thought that Michael had reached a point in his therapy that he was past what he is being said to have done.”

Per an Us source, the “final straw” for Kramer was discovering her hubby lied to her yet again. She’s seeking joint custody of their kiddos, Jolie and Jace, requesting for Caussin to pay alimony and her legal fees, and asking the judge to enforce their postnuptial agreement signed after they wed in 2015.

Hopefully this is as messy as it gets in this divorce battle!

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