Jay Leno Gets Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment for Severe Burns After Car Fire

Jay Leno is on to a new stage of his recovery after his horrifying car fire accident — he’s undergoing treatment in a hyperbaric chamber for his burns.

As you can see, the procedure requires Jay to lie down on his back in a tube-like chamber … with his arms and hands bandaged up.

The treatment helps with swelling and increases blood flow with good oxygenation to the burns on Jay’s arms, shoulders, neck and face. Dr. Peter Grossman of the Grossman Burn Center told Inside Edition the process will also decrease bacteria around the injuries.

TMZ broke the story, JL suffered second and third-degree burns when a car erupted into flames while working on his 1907 White Steam Car in his Burbank garage, fixing a clogged fuel line.

Earlier this week, Grossman said Jay had already had one surgery to repair his skin, and would undergo another one at some point this week.

Most importantly, he said Jay was expected to make a full recovery.

Dr. Grossman said the patient remains in good condition and is up and moving … even finding time to make a few jokes and pass out cookies to other patients.

As far as the scars, Doc says they will most likely be visible in the foreseeable future, but the hope is they won’t remain apparent.

He has high hopes for Jay’s healing journey … saying he thinks the comedian could be back to work in no more than a couple months.

Good news for Jay!

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