Jenelle Evans Gets Fired From Parenting App Gig Following Backlash: Will She Ever Work Again?!

For most of her adult life, Jenelle Evans has enjoyed the sort of financial security that most single moms can only dream of.

Despite never putting in full-time hours in an office, or other workplace that might take her away from her children, Jenelle has been pulling in six figures for the past several years.

(Of course, she also lost custody of all three of her kids despite having all that time on her hands, but that's a conversation for another time.)

Needless to say, those days are done.

Jenelle has been fired from Teen Mom 2, and it's becoming painfully clear that she'll never work in media again.

In fact, it's beginning to look like no employer in their right mind will touch her with a ten-foot pole.

Take a look at Jenelle's latest adventures in unemployment:

1.Briefly Employed!

2.Oh, the Irony!

3.A Familiar Name

4.Big Yikes

5.The Desperation Is Real

6.Who Wrote This For Her?

7.The Windup … and the Pitch

8.That's a Lot of Support

9.A Terrible Call

10.Major "WTF?!" Vibes

11.Enter the Hatters

12.How Did They Not Know?

13.Spreading the Word

14.Letting It All Out

15.Quick Response

16.Mistakes Were Made

17.Good Luck With That

18.Failed Mogul

19.Yeah, No …

20.America's Next Top YouTuber?


22.No Luck

23.Still Trying

24.You Can Never Be Too Careful

25.On Her Grind

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