Jeremy Clarkson hits out at Gardeners’ World host Monty Don’s comments: ‘Shoot him’

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Jeremy Clarkson, 60, has addressed the suggestion from Gardeners’ World host Monty Don that Britain should reintroduce wolves to curb the number of deer in the country that are “eating all the trees”. The Top Gear star, in turn, provided his own proposal to put a stop to “Bambi” from destroying woodland.

I’m not sure his suggested solution would work well

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy shared: “Monty Don, the smooth-voiced gardener with the voluminous corduroy trousers, reckons that Britain is home to far too many deer.

“He says that Bambi is eating all the trees and that if nothing is done to check the numbers, Britain’s woodlands will soon be completely destroyed.

“I agree with that but I’m not sure that his suggested solution will work very well.

“Because he wants us to reintroduce wolves,” he added in his The Sun column.

However, the Grand Tour host stated that he would much rather see wolves not in the same country as himself.

He continued: “Now. I like a good wolf as much as the next man but only so long as it’s in Canada or Finland.

“Not hiding in the hedge at the bottom of my garden.”

Jeremy instead said that if he wanted to stop deer from ruining his garden he would instead “shoot” them.

“If I want to stop Bambi from eating my trees, it’s better to shoot him,” he said.

The lifelong meat-eater added that he would enjoy the animal “in a pot” with some “onions, celery, red wine and stock.”

The comments from Jeremy follow on from Monty’s sentiment that wolves be reintroduced in order to cull the number of deers in the country.

Monty said: “I think it’s an interesting idea to introduce wolves. Deer are a problem. We look at them as incredibly beautiful animals and think of culling them as murder. 

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“But all animals need to have predators and if deer eat all the trees then the wildlife that benefits from those trees will disappear.

“I’d love to see wolves in this country but it has to be done safely. I’m sure it’s possible as they’ve been reintroduced elsewhere in Europe,”

The gardener described the chance of being “attacked” by wolves as being “small”.

He added, that because “we are on such an urban island”, the wolves will only be viable in the most remote places, and culling will still have to be part of the equation.

The broadcaster also claimed that gardeners have an important role in looking after the wildlife in Britain rather than just often “battling” with them.

Monty explained that gardeners should not be killing slugs, as he described his grievance toward using “pesticides and herbicides”.

Gathering up sticks and twigs to make a home for bugs in his Herefordshire garden, he explained how he had learned to embrace wildlife that as previously thought of as pests.

“My attitude towards slugs and other ‘pests’ have changed over the years but I haven’t used pesticides or herbicides or anything like that for 40 years,” he said.

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