Jeremy Clarksons girlfriend Lisa Hogan opens up on why she fell in love with presenter

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has been with his girlfriend Lisa Hogan, 48, for five years now and while the pair aren’t married, they have a great thing going as farmer and farmer’s not-wife. Lisa, who was previously married to multimillionaire Baron Steven Bentinck, is a former model and actress and recently opened up on what it is that made her fall in love with The Grand Tour presenter.

He makes me laugh

Lisa Hogan

In a new joint interview, Jeremy’s Clarkson’s Farm co-star revealed it is his sense of humour that draws her to him.

“He makes me laugh”, the Irish beauty smiled.

The pair met in 2017, although the details of how they stumbled across each other have been kept private.

Following a three-month courtship, they made their first public appearance together at the GQ Men of the Year Awards the same year.

Gushing over his beau, Jeremy also spoke of how “proud” he is of Lisa moving to the Cotswolds with him to help run Diddly Squat farm.

Jeremy told The Times: “I am so proud of Lisa.

“How she has gone from – how can I put this politely – a sedentary and rather luxurious life to find herself living on a farm where she didn’t know anyone…”

He beamed: “The ordering and keeping the place stocked – I don’t know how she does it.

“It’s a great little business.”

And while five years may not seem like a very long time, Lisa joked that “it feels like 500” because they are “together 24/7” while they warm to their roles on the farm.

She continued: “What I do at the moment is work all day, cook dinner, watch a movie with Jeremy – probably an old war movie or something, he watches a lot of old war movies!”

She went on: “Then he’ll go to bed and I’ll have my quiet time.

“I can’t go to bed if I know I have 2,000 emails.

“He’ll come in at two in the morning and say, ‘What are you doing?’”

Earlier this year, Jeremy admitted he has “never been happier” with Lisa.

Speaking on the Andy Jaye show on talkRADIO, he branded her “ageless”.

He said: “I get older and older and it makes people go, ‘Oh, that’s a bit weird’.

“But we are age and height appropriate, and we have a lovely, lovely time together on that farm, we really do.

“Lisa and I were at the lambing parlour and they had just been born and it had gone pretty well.

“We were sitting there with a bottle of rosé and it was a beautiful evening, and I thought ‘I’ve never been happier at work than this.'”

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