'Jersey Shore's Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Says She'll Run for Vice President, 'Get This World F*cking Taken Care Of'

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is best known for her role on Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. More recently, Polizzi has become an advocate for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. Find out how Polizzi and her best friend Joey Camasta are doing their part to make a difference in the world.


‘Snooki’ is using her celebrity to make a change 

As an advocate for Black Lives Matter, Polizzi is encouraging her fans to use their voice and add posters to the exterior of her boutique, The Snooki Shop, in Madison, New Jersey. “USE YOUR VOICE!!” she captioned a photo of the store on her Instagram. “Please feel free to use your voice by adding posters to our store. You can tape them to the bottom of the windows, covering the cement. Stay safe during protests today. Check my story for all links to help make a change.” Polizzi said Black Lives Matter posters were being torn down in the Madison area. Disappointed, she wants fans to know her store “is a safe place.” “I won’t tear down your posters,” the reality star added.

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In the following days, Polizzi shared another photo of her store. It was completely transformed with posters requesting justice for George Floyd. 

‘Snooki’ and Joey stand with Black Lives Matter 

On the June 5 episode of their podcast It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey, the duo spoke about the injustice in the black community. “I don’t know if I can take any more,” Polizzi said. “We want to dedicate this podcast to Black Lives Matter and to everyone out there fighting for justice,” Camasta said. “We support you two billion percent and we are here with you, standing with you.” 

Typically, Polizzi and Camasta digest celebrity news. In the past, they’ve discussed everything from Adele’s weight loss to Polizzi’s leaving Jersey Shore for good. The two felt it necessary to address what is happening in the country and use their celebrity to raise awareness in the fight for justice. 

The Snooki Shop becomes a canvas for Black Lives Matter

Polizzi used her podcast to take action and encourage her fans to join her in the Black Lives Matter movement. “You know me and Joey are not political people unless we really have to [be],” Polizzi explained. “Even when we do things, we don’t talk about it [or] brag that we’ve done it, we just want everyone loving each other.” Camasta interrupted to justify that this wasn’t about politics, but human rights. “All of us, in the end, want the same result,” Polizzi continued. “And that’s for innocent black people to not die.” 

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Polizzi said some Madison, New Jersey residents are disappointed with the presence of George Floyd posters around the community. To create a “happy, beautiful world,” Polizzi offered up her storefront as a canvas for people who wished to share their voice in peaceful protest. “You can write whatever you want on your posters when it comes to your beliefs and what you think should happen” Polizzi said. She encouraged listeners to cover her store with posters, confident that people will be able to “see” these voices given the traffic in the area. 

Joey Camasta begs listeners to change their perspective

As a gay man, Camasta is understandably upset about the human rights issue at play. During the episode, he touched on the Stonewall riots and what they did for the LGBTQ community, adding that the current marches for justice echo what that kind of protesting makes possible. “What if white Americans were targeted?” Camasta asked, discussing the need for people to change their perspective. “What if you couldn’t even go outside your f*cking house? You have to put yourself in this position,” he added. 

According to Camasta, “black-trans people started the Stonewall riots.” Without them, Camasta says, “we wouldn’t be able to have gay rights. 

‘Snooki’ and Joey for president

Much of the “Check Yourself at the Door” episode centered around raising awareness for Black Lives Matter. Camasta took the lead on the conversation, but Polizzi could not have agreed more with everything he said. Inspired by her friend’s message, Polizzi said she and Camasta should run for office. “I’m telling you right now; Joey should be running for president. I will be running for vice president. We’re going to get this world f*cking taken care of.”  

While a Camasta/Polizzi 2020 ballot isn’t likely, Polizzi is using her celebrity to do what she can to change human rights in the United States. 

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