Jessica Biel And Jessica Alba Were Limited Too Models And My Childhood Is Shaking

Once upon a time (1987–2006), there was one store that all tween girls turned to when they wanted to look their best at school: Limited Too!

The latest in fashion and accessories, Limited Too was the place to be.” target=”_blank”>

Well, thanks to Instagram, I just found out these two very popular celebrities used to model their clothing.

Ideabug / Getty Images

Jessica Biel shared this epic throwback with Jessica Alba, sporting Limited Too winter gear and I nearly lost it. It’s a throwback within a throwback.

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I spotted Jessica Alba right away, because she looks EXACTLY the same…

…but I literally had to click the tags to figure out which one was Jessica Biel. I honestly thought she was the one in the purple, but after seeing the image up close, I couldn’t believe I couldn’t figure it out.

And I wasn’t the only one reminiscing. The ad sparked a lot of nostalgic feelings in the comments.

For those of you wondering what happened to the iconic brand, in 2009 Limited Too converted their stores into what’s now known as Justice, another tween store. You’ve probably passed a bunch of times in the mall

BUT in 2016, Limited Too made a comeback under Bluestar Alliance — which means tweens of today can slay their life away in a store us old millennials used to LOVE!

How’s that for a happy ending!

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